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Developing Tempo in Your Swing

August 18, 2009 - Steve Anderson
Most amateur golfers swing too fast. While it would seem logical that the faster you swing the farther you'll hit the ball, the evidence suggests otherwise. When you swing too fast you're only using your arms. Since your arms are little and light compared to your body, they can move up and down quite fast. However, since they are so small they will never give you enough power to hit the ball very far. It's your body that's big and heavy not your arms, so you want to get your chest, torso and shoulders turning during your backswing and your legs and lower body involved in the downswing. These body parts are bigger and heavier and they move slower so you must give them time to get involved. If you swing too fast it's like your body is saying, "hey, you didn't give me time to do anything." To turn your body so much will take a little bit of time so make sure you give it that time to do so. If someone weighed 175 pounds only 5-6 pounds of that is their arms. If you slow down some, even making your swing take a 1/2 longer, you'll give your body time to work and that's what will give you extra distance. Slowing down also improves your balance and technique which are also good things.


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