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Don't Shorten your Old Clubs

September 11, 2009 - Steve Anderson
Many times over the years I've seen husbands buy a new set of clubs and cut down their old clubs that they then give to their wives or kids. It would make sense that if the person you're giving your old clubs to is shorter that you are that you can just cut them down and inch or two and there you go.

Never, I repeat, never do this as you're simply giving them a club that will be all but impossible to hit correctly. Several things happen when you shorten a club.

1. It will make the shaft of the club play stiffer. If a man has a man's or regular flex shaft in his set then cuts it down a few inches it will make it now play too stiff. The shorter a shaft is the stiffer is becomes. Whoever you give this club to it will be like swinging a crow bar and the shaft won't flex as it should and the ball won't go as far as it should.

2. Cutting a club down changes the lie angle. That's the angle that the shaft goes into the head. Cutting a club down even 1 inch changes the lie angle by 2 degrees and in golf, that's a lot. The club won't strike the ground level and you'll hit the ball off line a lot.

3. Shortening a club also makes the head feel too light. If you reduce the head weight in a club it will have no feel and will feel clunky when it strikes the ball.

Women's and juniors clubs are built with more flex in the shaft and more weight in the head. All of the components are meant to work together. If you alter any of them it will mess up the club's design and the person using them will never like the game too much as they're using a club that's a clunker to begin with.

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