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November 25, 2009 - Steve Anderson
We all cringe when we hear the word...Shank !! It's the worst shot in golf and we live in fear of getting them. Every once in a while the shank creeps into our games and as the old saying goes, "once you have the shanks you'll have them for a while."

A shank of course is hitting the ball with the hosel or neck of the golf club. The ball squirts off sideways, goes low and not very far so there's nothing good about it. I wrote an article once entitled, '5 Reasons You Shank the Ball."

#1 You hit the hosel #2 You hit the hosel #3 You hit the hosel #4 You hit the hosel #5 You hit the hosel.

I think you get the idea. There may be many reason why you hit the hosel but the only reason a shank occurs is hitting it. How to stop it is actually a pretty easy cure if you think about it.

In most cases it involes your head. Your head is either moving out over the ball at some point in your swing, or it's moving forward toward the target during your downswing. If you head moves either of these directions it will push your weight out toward your toes too much and this leans your body out over the ball just that little bit which in turn pushes the club out an inch and boom, shank.

During your practice time, make sure your head stays quiet steady during your swing and that it's behind the ball at impact. Never lean out over your toes and keep your balance back toward your heels a bit more. Poor balance causes your body and swing to move out over the ball too much and this is without a doubt a leading cause of shanking.


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