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beware if the word FREE

March 29, 2011 - Lisa Goehle
beware of the word “FREE”

I recently watched a commercial for Weight Watchers that said you could join free if you called before March 30, 2011. Since I was interested in the program I called. Free no, I don’t think so! Free if you first paid in advance for two months then you’re “FREE” was the application fee. This is very deceptive, as well are so many other ads that say “FREE”.

I remember my father telling me nothing in life is free, and he was right. Many ads on television and on the internet will say you can get three free months, but what you don’t see because the print is too small, you must pay for a membership, or pay for several months before the “FREE” kicks in.

FreeCreditReport.Com, is not free you must first enroll in the Triple Advantage program which is over $30.00 a month to receive you free credit report. Businesses are sure you will respond to the free and then once they have you on the phone will continue with your purchase.

The small print at the bottom of the ad usually is too small to read and the ad goes so fast that you don’t have time to read it. This is wrong and one would think a violation of your right’s as a consumer to be fully informed of the purchase and pricing. Unfortunately the law only requires that they state the facts not that they have it large enough to read.

Beware the sites that ask for to much information, it is not required for anyone to provide an internet address just to review a site. This is a tactic used to gain your information that will be sold to other businesses and you will end up with endless e-mails offers. If I want to look over an internet site and they ask for my e-mail to continue I click out as fast as I can.

Another “FREE” offer is phone sales that will say that their technician will be in your area and would like to stop by and give your air conditioner a free inspection. Now let’s be honest, if they send someone to your house they will find something wrong. If they aren’t your regular A/C Company don’t let the “FREE” fool you. Also many A/C companies give the technician commission for sales of parts and equipment. It’s your home and your money asks first, and if the unit is running ok don’t be talked into buying a new one.

Remember “FREE” isn’t always free, in some cases it may be but unfortunately as the technology advances the crooks and scam artists also advance in their ways of getting to you.


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Sep-20-17 12:40 PM

fema has FREE money for repairs you just have to take out flood insurance for 3 years after the storm, so if you get $853 from fema you will have to pay $678 a yr for 3 yrs in flood insurance


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