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It is not government’s job to do harm

March 20, 2019 To the editor: This is disturbing information to see and hear in regard to Lime Rock mining easements in Lee Count. more »»

Florida’s algae-infested waters

March 20, 2019 To the editor: According to the mainstream news reporting, our governor is in the process of accumulating a very large sum of both federal and state money to combat our problems with red tide and... more »»

A divided nation

March 20, 2019 To the editor: Unfortunately the United States is a divided nation which seems to be catering more to those illegally within our shores than to the life, liberty and happiness of our next generatio. more »»

Harming America

March 20, 2019 To the editor: Playing childish politics instead of doing their jobs. Attacking the President is sick in itself. And placing obstruction over construction. more »»

Guest Commentary: Lake Okeechobee is huge ecological, water quality issue

March 13, 2019 Florida has a problem with Lake Okeechobee. It is a huge ecological and water quality issue for our state — and we must deal with it now. more »»

No prize

March 13, 2019 To the editor: Despite the headlines of a local newspaper the day following Michael Cohen’s testimony before Congress on our President and the cartoon on the same day, not much was said about our... more »»

Diversity…what does it mean?

March 13, 2019 To the editor: Diversity. We hear this quite often in our world today and few of us give it any thought. It sounds like a good thing. more »»

Build the wall

March 13, 2019 To the editor: It has become obvious that being elected to public office is not the forerunner to having brain-power. more »»

The public has a right to know

March 6, 2019 To the editor: An open letter to Commissioner Hamman: You are Vice Chair of the Lee County Commissioner. more »»

Keep up the good work — and some suggestions to get there

March 6, 2019 To the editor: I am seeing a great deal of improvement in Lee County. Thank you. Let’s keep up getting rid of criminal activity ASAP. Let’s keep up on keeping our roadways cleaned up from trash. more »»

Positions don’t pass the sniff test

March 6, 2019 To the editor: It’s easy to tell when the politicians are making the field out in back full of horse manure. On the world stage we have Germany’s Merke. more »»

More Washington incompetency

March 6, 2019 To the editor: The Cohen hearings, staged by the House of Representatives, under the direction of the Democrat majority, is another example of government gone mad. more »»

More mines: The ‘need’ is greed

February 27, 2019 To the editor: I am a former elected Luzerne County Council Member from Hazleton, PA. believe in responsible government. I moved to Southwest Florida because of the wildlife and agricultural area. more »»

Democratic beauty contest

February 27, 2019 To the editor: Well, the line is forming on the left. more »»

VPK an important first step on a child’s educational path

February 20, 2019 To the editor: I'd like to share with you and our community the importance of VPK (Voluntary Pre Kindergarten) attendance. I'm a local VPK teacher in a daycare center. more »»

Herbicides contribute to poor water quality

February 13, 2019 To the editor: I read your article on water quality in your Jan. 24 edition. more »»

Demand our state legislature support Gov. DeSantis’ water quality proposals

February 13, 2019 To the editor: Upon taking office, Gov. DeSantis laid out a plan to improve the water quality. more »»

Democrats destroying America? Party over country!

February 13, 2019 To the editor: Let’s start with Obama. Let’s consider “collusion. more »»

No wall!

February 13, 2019 To the editor: The Trump immigration policy is a wall to keep out people of color. The crisis is a crisis for the migrants, not a crisis particularly for America. more »»

Some illuminating data

February 13, 2019 To the editor: William Edwards Deming, an American quality pioneer, famously said, “In God we trust, all others bring data. more »»


Moose Lodge 2266 March 27, 2019

Moose Lodge 2266, 210 Homestead Rd., 368-2266, dart league at 7 p.m. Alcoholic beverages for members and qualified guests only. Lunch available from 11:30, 2 p.m., 5:30 p.m., 8:30 p.m. - See more at: more »

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