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More money coming for Lehigh road resurfacing

December 18, 2013 To the editor: Commissioner Frank Mann is happy to announce that on Tuesday, Dec. 17, another $1. more »»

Thank you for being part of Lehigh

December 11, 2013 To the editor: It is always exciting to look back on a year and see such great accomplishments. more »»

Health care reform and the ACA

December 4, 2013 To the editor: We have not heard much in our state of Florida about health care reform. more »»

Rethink how we spend our health care dollars

November 29, 2013 To the editor: We spend some 20 percent of our GDP on health care. This amounts to more than twice per capita spent by the other industrial countries. That makes it a major industry. more »»

Radel must go — and recover

November 29, 2013 To the editor: Congressman Trey Radel was devious during his campaign: He bought up Web addresses named for his rivals as a means to block their communication. more »»

Incorporation: Let’s get the facts

November 29, 2013 To the editor: In response to Frank Lohlein’s letter in the Nov. 13 issue of the Citizen, I think degrading  people that have helped Lehigh Acres in so many positive ways is outrageou. more »»

Thanks extended to ‘Make A Difference Day’ participants

November 29, 2013 To the editor: Dear Lehigh Makes A Difference Day participants and Lehigh Acres residents, thank you for all the hard work and dedication each of you have put into making the 2nd Annual Lehigh Makes... more »»

A veteran’s thoughts

November 20, 2013 To the editor: The years we spent fighting in the Korean War were very formative ones. Most of us were young, just out of high school and were only beginning to form our own opinions and values. more »»

We need total change in Washington

November 20, 2013 To the editor: In the beginning ... God created the heavens and the earth. more »»

Incorporation: ‘Here they go again’

November 13, 2013 To the editor: Here they go agai. more »»

Poor and hungry vs. overpaid and underworked

November 13, 2013 To the editor: Here’s a novel concept: Let’s end hunger in America. Of course, jobs are the answer. Of course, raising the minimum wage is also part of the answer. more »»

Why are we supporting Medicare Advantage?

November 13, 2013 To the editor: Medicare Advantage has not lived up to its promise to deliver better quality health care at a better cost. more »»

Salute to our veterans, past and present

November 13, 2013 To the editor: When the United States enters war, our government turns to ordinary Americans and asks them for extraordinary service, sacrifice and heroics. more »»

People undervalue Obamacare

November 6, 2013 To the editor: It is unfortunate that most people do not understand why we need Obamacare. more »»

How to improve ‘golden years’

November 6, 2013 To the editor: New research boots the “use it or lose it” theory about brain power and staying mentally sharp. more »»

Women should take more authority when disciplining

October 30, 2013 To the editor: One of the greatest ironies of our time: today: women have inherited from their mothers the freedom to claim authority in the military, corporations, churches, professions, politics... more »»

America needs the ACA implemented intact

October 30, 2013 To the editor: Health care cost is the most expensive of any developed industrial nation. The average of 33 industrial developed nations is $3,086/per capita, our cost is $8,233 (excess of $5,147). more »»

Reader calls Obamacare no more than a ‘big joke’

October 30, 2013 To the editor: Obamacare is a big joke. It will not work. more »»

Behavior affected by what kids watch on TV

October 23, 2013 To the editor: Being choosy when it comers to TV shows,what pre-schoolers watch affects their behavior even if the amount of time they spend watching isn’t reduced. more »»

Medical device tax should not be delayed

October 23, 2013 To the editor: I would not support a delay in execution of the Medical Device Tax in the Obamacare program. I hope that includes all devices and equipment purchased by individuals or groups. more »»



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