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Time flies and there are many changes

October 2, 2013 To the editor: Six years ago we heard the battle cry of the Democrat candidate for president: “Change, hope and no more war. Elect me to office and the world will be a better place.” Time flies by. more »»

For people who say they will not buy health insurance

September 25, 2013 To the editor: CNN Money on Sept. 20 top news featured a story on several people of varied ages and various stages in life who say they will refuse to buy health insurance. more »»

Cognitive dissonance

September 25, 2013 To the editor: Allow me to introduce you to another of life’s complexities that pertains to us al. more »»

Fulfillment key to cleaning up mess

September 25, 2013 To the editor: That’s what the guest opinion writer, Larry Kiker, said in another newspaper over the weekend. I wonder if anyone has told him that he is a County Commissioner. more »»

America needs Obamacare; we are down the list in healthcare

September 18, 2013 To the editor: To those who are worried about, or uninformed about the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA), please consider some of our country’s health facts. more »»

Commissioner should ask ‘what will it cost?’

September 18, 2013 To the editor: This is another letter taking pot-shots at the Lee County commissioners for not taking appropriate actions even after they have been advised by other knowledgeable contemporaries... more »»

Harmful cuts to Social Security break promises

September 11, 2013 To the editor: Harmful cuts to Social Security and veterans’ benefits break the promises to seniors and future generations. more »»

I wonder what the vote would be

September 4, 2013 To the editor: We are being told we need to incorporate; we need more government. They are telling us more government is the only answer to our problems. more »»

Obamacare is bad for America

September 4, 2013 To the editor: This letter has a true but sad note about our present administration’s depending of taxpayers’ money. more »»

Reader says stop the stereotypes

September 4, 2013 To the editor: I listened to Don Lenon’s “No Talking Point” five things African Americans must do to improve (No. 5, pull up pants; No. 4, “N” word; No. 3, respect — pick up your trash; N. more »»

Corporations should not try to govern

August 28, 2013 To the editor: We are facing the greatest threat to our welfare since the establishment of Medicare and Social Security. more »»

When does a conspiracy theory become fact?

August 28, 2013 To the editor: We have all heard about “conspiracy theory nuts.” Politicians and other thieves use that phrase to discredit people who expose them. more »»

Fight back at those who attack health care law

August 14, 2013 To the editor: Opponents of new health care laws will not miss a chance to attack. Again the GOP controlled congress voted to dismantle the Health Care law. more »»

Has the voters’ 2012 victory been stolen?

July 24, 2013 To the editor: I call it political thievery. The vote of the people clearly elected a Democratic president. more »»

Understanding yourself and others

July 24, 2013 To the editor: Here is a letter that may help you understand yourself and others. more »»

Health care: Face it and move on

July 24, 2013 To the editor: Health care has long been a toxic political issue, so face it and move on. The health care system we have now is a train wreck and the ACA will correct many of our problems. more »»

What price do we pay for our elected officials?

July 17, 2013 To the editor: Our legislators’ votes in the last session did nothing good for the people that elected the. more »»

Remove Lee portrait and change county name

July 17, 2013 To the editor: I just finished business at a location in south Fort Myers. A black male in his early twenties waited on me. I tried three times to make eye contact. more »»

Employer mandate penalties delayed

July 10, 2013 To the editor: The Obama administration announced Tuesday, July 3, that it is delaying a major provision in the health care overhaul, putting off until 2015 a requirement that many employers offer... more »»

Good will win over evil

July 10, 2013 To the editor: This is an exciting time to be a Democrat and want to see good things done for our nation and its people. more »»



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