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Many suffering loss of hearing

April 1, 2015 To the editor: In our global world today, we hear much about air, water, and oil pollution. There is one pollution that seems to be silent: noise pollution. more »»

Lee County Commissioners in denial mode on growth

April 1, 2015 To the editor: Lee County Commissioners are in denial mode on the massive growth of Lee County last year as the U. more »»

So helpful

April 1, 2015 To the editor: I am constantly amused by the rantings of the “left” criticizing what the Republicans are doing that will be the end of the Republican Party. The rant du jour now is centered on Sen. more »»

New angle to death, taxes and refunds

March 25, 2015 To the editor: Here’s a list you would be caught dead on — and it’s costing the federal government million. more »»

Do not complain if you do not vote

March 25, 2015 To the editor: The 2016 election is fast approaching and is already proving to be an inflammatory process. more »»

A bad week In Congress

March 18, 2015 To the editor: Last week was a disappointment in our government at every level. It started out looking better because the U.S. more »»

Cuts to Social Security considered in budget deal

March 18, 2015 To the editor: With baby boomers, 10,000 people turning 65 every day, our nation should be doing everything possible to protect the pensions of those who have worked hard their entire adult lives an... more »»

Appreciation owed to FPL, Hendry and more

March 11, 2015 To the editor: What a day at the Barron Park House in LaBelle today, March . more »»

Whooping $671,415 obtained in tax refunds

March 4, 2015 To the editor: We have our latest report on our free United Way income tax program — VITA. We have processed 247 returns, had a total of $671,415 refunded to local residents of our community. more »»

Growing trade gap with China heavy cost to United States

March 4, 2015 To the editor: What ever happened to “Made in the USA” products? Ever since the world market global economy where cheap foreign labor, low cost off shore manufacturing practices made it more... more »»

Jobs for terrorists?

March 4, 2015 To the editor: What is wrong with our President? One of his staff recently stated that giving these terrorist jobs will help stop terrorism. He refuses to say the evil words of “Islamic Terrorism. more »»

Jobs, religion and money

March 4, 2015 To the editor: The newspapers are replete with stories of the lack of employment in this country. more »»

Can’t run and can’t hide

March 4, 2015 To the editor: Aren’t you sick and tired of the right wing who are constantly preaching to us about terrible things are in our great country and also what a train wreck the Obama administration has... more »»

Idea meal for season of Lent

February 25, 2015 To the editor: Last Wednesday marked the beginning of Lent, the 40-day period before Easter, when many Christians abstain from animal foods in remembrance of Jesus’ 40 days of fasting in the desert... more »»

Congress contradicts security

February 25, 2015 To the editor: The U.S. House of Representatives has been most vocal about maximizing border security. Now the U.S. is engaged in a war against ISIS, making those efforts more important than ever. more »»

$889 million to be spent in the 2016 elections

February 18, 2015 To the editor: And who do you think is shopping for candidates with “for sale” signs on their votes? The Koch Brothers, Charles and David, and they are looking to spend billions more to influence... more »»

A good lesson in septic systems learned the hard way

February 18, 2015 To the editor: Once again, I was taken advantage of by two contractors who took advantage of the fact that I had no knowledge of septic systems. more »»

Impact fees for schools

February 18, 2015 To the editor: Before we start touting the ventures of increasing impact fees, it’s important to step back and review the purpose of such charge. more »»

Where does it end?

February 18, 2015 To the editor: I keep hearing about cutting benefits for our veterans, no pay increases for the military and cutting the military down to WWII levels yet not one single peep about stopping payments... more »»

Sarcoidosis Awareness Month approaching

February 18, 2015 To the editor: April is Sarcoidosis Awareness Month. Most people don’t know what sarcoidosis is because they never heard of it, or don’t know anyone who has it. more »»



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