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A compassionate governor?

March 6, 2013 To the editor: The Governor’s acceptance of some provisions under the Affordable Care Act is welcomed. This sounds very politically motivate. more »»

Allowing LRMC to move is a ‘slap in the face’

February 27, 2013 To the editor: I wish to make a plea to anyone who every needed or think they will need medical help at a hospital to write to our state politicians and the governor to let them know that the closin... more »»

Gun safety reform needs your help

February 27, 2013 To the editor: The national and local press are sounding out loud and clear with messages that President Obama cannot make any progress with pro-gun lobbyists. more »»

Black History Month: Honor Thurgood Marshall

February 27, 2013 To the editor: Thurgood Marshall, Mr. Civil Rights and Mr. Education — he worked to secure justice for all. Marshall devoted his life to ending racial injustice. more »»

Crime, firearms and self defense discussed

February 13, 2013 To the editor: If we are going to talk about gun control, let’s consider the matter with facts and not with fear, anger, hatred or speculation. more »»

Thoughts on proposed impact fees moratorium

February 13, 2013 To the editor: The Lee County commissioners tripled the impact fees in June of 2007, based on a study done in 2005. more »»

Lioness Club donations exceed last year’s fund-raiser total

February 13, 2013 To the editor: On behalf of the Lehigh Acres Lioness Club and all of the Lions who also donated their time to participate in our annual White Cane Day fund-raiser, I would like to thank everyone who... more »»

Really enjoyed holiday dinner by Rotary

February 6, 2013 To the editor: It’s been a while now but I wanted to write about the Christmas dinner at the St. Raphael Church. I was invited to the dinner by two members of the church. more »»

Are you safeguarding your technology?

February 6, 2013 To the editor: Every day we find ourselves interacting with modern technology. more »»

No impact fees can cause financial woes to county

January 30, 2013 To the editor: Concerning the county commissioners may vote for a moratorium on impact fees, this is what happens: Less county income equals less services (fire, schools, roads and more). more »»

Women should take back the authority at home

January 30, 2013 To the editor: One of the greatest ironies of our time: today’s women have inherited from their mothers the freedom to claim authority in the military, corporations, churches, professions, politics... more »»

Children are not the problem; they are the victims

January 23, 2013 To the editor: The cause of violence in our communities is not our children. They do not commit violent acts, perhaps an occasional suicide. There is no reservoir of psychotic disease in our children. more »»

Mercury showing up more and more in fish

January 23, 2013 To the editor: A new study about the prevalence of mercury in fish should give consumers food for though. more »»

Allowing armed staff at schools is the only solution

January 16, 2013 To the editor: Israel tried gun-free zones for schools and quickly experienced several atrocities. They then permitted teachers who cared to carry concealed firearms. more »»

Two questions as to news events of the day

January 16, 2013 To the editor: First, should we honor sports participants who gain high honors despite questions of steroid use or doping? Answer is yes. more »»

Gun violence must be addressed

January 9, 2013 To the editor: America is deeply saddened by our problem with violence. The level of gun violence is especially troubling. more »»

Something was wrong at polls

January 2, 2013 To the editor: As a poll worker in the recent elections I November, I observed that my table that we were always waiting for people to come in. more »»

Concerned about looming fiscal cliff

January 2, 2013 To the editor: The election may be over, but a new campaign is being waged in the nation's capital: the looming fiscal cliff. more »»

Approves purchase of Lehigh Lake, but for Lehigh

December 12, 2012 To the editor: Lehigh Acres, as a non-entity, again will suffer. Why? Because voters turned down the chance to become our own city/town. With a population nearly 90,000 we certainly qualify. more »»

Stop the approaching fiscal cliff

December 12, 2012 To the editor: On November 26, I was very excited about being invited to the White House. Forty-five Floridian leaders attended the Florida State Day even. more »»



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