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What happened to the word priority?

August 15, 2012 To the editor: Did the Republican dominated U.S. House of Representatives lose their dictionary? "Precedence" is one definition in the Webster’s dictionary. more »»

‘50,000 Wishes for Hope’ campaign successful

August 15, 2012 To the editor: Just a few short months ago, Hope HealthCare Services announced our "50,000 Wishes for Hope" campaign, a community-wide effort to encourage 10,000 individuals to plan for their future... more »»

Reader says group has radical conservative agenda

August 8, 2012 To the editor: It has been suggested that the American Legislative Exchange Council agenda is closely related to a radical conservative agenda. more »»

Lehigh Flea Market Planning for the future

August 8, 2012 To the editor: These days we are celebrating at the flea market a job well done by Lee County government and the Lehigh Acres Fire District with helping us get our flea market up to good shape. more »»

Setting the record straight

August 8, 2012 To the editor: It has come to my attention that some members of the public apparently think that I, Marilyn W. more »»

Chambers are snubbing non-Republicans running

August 8, 2012 To the editor: The recent second snubbing and exclusion of a Democrat at a congressional debate forum sponsored by a (supposedly) non-partisan chamber of commerce — this one in North Fort Myers — wa... more »»

Vote Judah

August 1, 2012 To the editor: The primary election is coming up on Aug. 14. I encourage you to vote for Commissioner Ray Judah to be re-elected to the District 3. more »»

Donations to help young mothers returning to school in the fall

August 1, 2012 To the editor: As you are aware, there are a lot of churches, organizations and charities that are distributing much needed school backpacks. We need your help. more »»

‘Audit the Fed’ passes

August 1, 2012 To the editor: H.R. 459, Audit the Fed bill, has passed the House; the vote, 327-98 — over two-thirds. more »»

Lehigh Acres is worth fighting for

July 25, 2012 To the editor: I have been a resident of Lehigh Acres for 11 years. I am proud to call Lehigh Acres my home. During the 11 years I have been in Lehigh Acres, I have tried to be an informed resident. more »»

Bill Nelson: Working for All Floridians

July 25, 2012 To the editor: U.S. more »»

‘Back to School’ Supply Drive

July 25, 2012 To the editor: For thousands of local families facing financial hardship, purchasing school supplies is often a lower priority than basic necessities like food and shelter. more »»

Vote Donalds

July 25, 2012 To the editor: A major goal — supposedly — of Obamacare is to reduce health care costs, but can it? Let’s look at why health care is so expensive: - At least 25 percent of all health care costs are... more »»

Vote Larry Kiker

July 25, 2012 To the editor: Larry Kiker will make a wonderful Lee County Commissioner! M. more »»

Republican shut-out

July 18, 2012 To the editor: As a qualified candidate for newly reapportioned State House District 79 — North Fort Myers, Lehigh and Alva — I was somewhat dismayed (more like so mad I could spit) when I called th... more »»

Health benefits secured

July 18, 2012 To the editor: Joy to all Americans who benefit in 2012 and all who will benefit in 2014. Thanks to Chief Justice Roberts, American Healthcare Act was made constitutional law in the U.S. more »»

Lehigh wants its treat

July 18, 2012 To the editor: If we — Lehigh Acres — were to go to the store — Lee County commissioners — for a well deserved candy treat, and then find out that we cannot purchase anything because their are no... more »»

What’s going on with LACPP comments?

July 11, 2012 To the editor: What in the world is the problem with the Lehigh Acres Community Planning Corp. more »»

Don’t be scammed: Do your ‘homework’

July 11, 2012 To the editor: It’s that time of year when homeowners need to remember that con-artists are in our area looking for an easy way to make fast money through home improvement scams. more »»

Scott vs. the People of Florida

July 11, 2012 To the editor: Are the people of Florida going to suffer Rick Scott’s politics of stupidity as he is so determined to violate the Affordable Healthcare Act? The proposal to give 30 million uninsured... more »»



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