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Please send pictures and postcards of Florida

February 7, 2018 To the editor: Ladies and gentlemen, I am a student at Cascade Christian Schools, and I am writing a report on the state of Florida. more »»

School sales tax proposal must come with detailed plan

February 7, 2018 To the editor: I have been following the recent request by the Lee County school board to vote on a referendum to increase funding to pay for capital improvements for the school district along with... more »»

Make your day care experience a good one for your child

February 7, 2018 To the editor: According to the U.S. Census bureau, Lee and Charlotte counties rank as one of the top 10 fastest-growing metros. more »»

Scrub American politics with reform

February 7, 2018 To the editor: Let’s clean up American politics: Here's how , Part 1” 1) (First by a country mile.) No more elected “representatives,” so-called “public servants. more »»

Lee County roller coaster ride

January 31, 2018 To the editor: Lee County School Board and County Commissioners shows us how the roller coaster ride goes up and down with their proposal to add a sales tax that will do away with that pesky problem... more »»

Left ignores past transgressions

January 31, 2018 To the editor: Interesting letter accusing Trump of being racist, using sexual harassment, and unethical business conduct! The writer also accused Trump of misconduct. more »»

Reject ‘In God We Trust’ proposal

January 31, 2018 To the editor: I read in the Miami Herald that there is legislation pending to require “In God We Trust” to be displayed on every school and administration building in Florid. more »»

Guest Commentary: District commitment to vision plan continues

January 31, 2018 Happy New Year! 2017 was a year of change, challenges, learning experiences and accomplishments for Lee County schools. more »»

‘Thumb speak’

January 24, 2018 To the editor: This era has seen a new societal method of communication. The advent of the smart phone has given rise to what could be called “Thumb speak. more »»

Are rising seas in SWFL worthy of concern?

January 24, 2018 To the editor: If you’re like me, then you live a very busy life. It’s tough enough to juggle current and near-term obligations, let alone think seriously about possibilities down the roa. more »»

Rooney not right for Southwest Florida

January 17, 2018 To the editor: My response is in reference to the opinion post “Much accomplished in 2017” by Francis Rooney, Representative to the House. more »»

King Trump

January 17, 2018 To the editor: How can anyone respect a man who talks about American jobs when he outsourced jobs to 17 countries, didn’t pay his construction workers and declared bankruptcy six times, harming many... more »»

Guest Commentary: Much accomplished in 2017; much work ahead in the new year

January 10, 2018 As we begin the new year, it is a time to reflect upon past accomplishments and look ahead to 2018 goal. more »»

Guest Commentary: Affordable housing unattainable in Florida

January 10, 2018 Florida is in the midst of an affordable housing crisis. Unfortunately, our governor and state lawmakers are only making matters worse. more »»

Marine litter kills

January 10, 2018 To the editor: Marine litter, or marine debris, is a huge environmental issue. Marine litter is waste materials, like plastic and such, that end up in our oceans, lakes, or waterways. more »»

Snowflake tizzy

January 10, 2018 To the editor: Republican Representative Francis Rooney caused quite a stir this last week when he made the bold statement that he wanted leaders at the Department of Justice and FBI to “purge”... more »»

Rooney should resign

January 10, 2018 To the editor: Our alleged representative in Washington, Francis Rooney, should immediately resign from office. more »»

When politicians talk ‘purge,’ pay attention

January 10, 2018 To the editor: Recently, our very own, very rich, Republican Congressman Francis Rooney announced to the world his desire to purge FBI employees who, in his estimation, are not loyal to President... more »»

Party before patriotism

January 10, 2018 To the editor: It seems that every day there’s a new revelation leading us down the same path as Nazi German. more »»

Trump has accomplished much

January 10, 2018 To the editor: The St. Paul Pioneer Press just published two articles that might contrast with Jim Healy’s voluminous rhetoric. Trump has shrunk federal bureaucracy in his first year. more »»



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