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Remove Lee portrait and change county name

July 17, 2013

To the editor: I just finished business at a location in south Fort Myers. A black male in his early twenties waited on me. I tried three times to make eye contact....

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Jul-21-13 11:03 AM

Nothing more from either of you? It figures. In these comments I talked a little about the Civil War and the fact that the European bankers made it all happen.

Now, for a second, let's talk about who masterminded the Lincoln assassination. Again, the culprits were the same bankers. Booth pulled the trigger but the bankers were the ones who hired him. Along the very same lines are the names: the Kennedys, Hoffa, Forrestal, Patton, McKinley, Malcom X, MLK; you get the idea. There are more, like the over 200 people killed who were close to the Clintons.

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Jul-18-13 9:25 AM

The bankers cannot afford to have their myths concerning the Civil War to ‘be over’: there is hate yet to be peddled and the internal racial walls that separate our people must be re-affirmed and nourished on a daily basis. The bankers cannot give the race-baiting a rest. The bankers know that they cannot survive in a nation whose people are well educated. The bankers know they cannot allow for the people of our nation to talk amongst them-selves and to think for them-selves and to share responsibly to one another.

Another major reason the bankers instigated the War was to eliminate the original 13th Amendment. That amendment enhanced the Constitutional prohibition against titles of nobility. Those that accepted such titles (which include lawyers, judges, and elected officials) could not hold public office and could be deported. Can you imagine if we didn’t have lawyers in office? The bankers’ tasks are not done; they cannot afford for the War to ‘be over’.

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Jul-17-13 10:29 PM

WOW - I guess I was wrong - I truly thought the Civil War was over

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Jul-17-13 9:49 PM

Your contrived depiction of the Civil War, I believe, is a continuation of modern-day race baiting. The Civil War was not about freeing slaves. Nope. Today’s spin about the Civil War and slavery is a myth. The European bankers did not care about slaves they merely wanted the slaves ‘freed’ so they could ruin the economy of the South. The bankers wanted us to issue worthless, non-redeemable paper ‘money’ just like the junk paper crap we have today; the South said “no”. The same European banking family made that demand earlier which led to our War for Independence.

By the South losing the Civil War our Republic suffered a fatal blow. After the War Southerners were denied the ability to hold office and those offices were filled with former illiterate slaves and carpetbaggers. Now, we have people of color, like yourself and Sharpton who, in my opinion, are being used by the very same banking family to destroy what is left of our nation. You haven’t won though, not yet.

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