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Budget talk at ECWCD meeting

July 25, 2013

It’s budget time for the East County Water Control District and while real talks won’t begin until Aug....

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Jul-25-13 2:55 PM

I did not vote for you. I am sorry that I did not. Keep up the good fight Mr. Welch. You got a fan now.

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Jul-25-13 8:20 PM

They say, "We are already about $10 million in the hole to the banks and lenders." This is BS; there is no lawful debt.

Ii is sad to say but I fear there are not many folks that really understand what I am about to write but here goes anyway. We (the taxpayers) don't owe the banks anything because they did not 'loan' us anything. This is true for the fraudulent mortgage system and also the method by which our alleged government 'borrows' money from the Federal Reserve. Because our entire banking system is one huge criminal enterprise is the primary reason why no public debt can lawfully be collected and can easily be repudiated. The only reason for the IRS is so the bankers can forcibly extort us into submission. Guess who empowers the IRS? Where is Comrade Obama on this issue? How about those that pretend to care for the little guys?

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Jul-26-13 11:40 AM

Have you noticed that public servants want to keep us informed on all the great stuff they are doing? Have you also noticed that none of these diligent el-crappos will ever respond when they are challenged?

Please allow me to offer a couple reasons why they hide. If they respond about how bonds and public/private projects are really financed they know they stand to be exposed as liars and in some cases, as thieves. You see, once you folks understand how we are being fleeced thru the bond market then you may start asking MORE questions and they do not want YOU probing into anything they are doing. I mentioned in this paper some time ago about the FACT that public and private investment account losses were not from bad investments, but were outright theft. One person commented and seemed interested but soon faded away into head-in-the-sand-land. I believe he probably found someone that said he shouldn’t listen to me. Can you imagine that? I don’t get no respect, I tell ya.

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