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Corporations should not try to govern

August 28, 2013

To the editor: We are facing the greatest threat to our welfare since the establishment of Medicare and Social Security....

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Aug-29-13 1:52 PM

And on top of all what I wrote my problem with folks like Ole Lewis is he doesn't even understand that we have no government; we are governed BY A CORPORATION (formalized in the Acts of 1868 and 1871).

In other words our Republic no longer exists; The Corporation dba (USA,Inc) is now the de facto ruling authority claiming its power to govern from the Commerce Clause using the Uniform Commercial Code as its Bible.

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Aug-28-13 6:57 PM

(Part 1)Robinson says, “We are facing the greatest threat to our welfare since the establishment of Medicare and Social Security”. Then Robinson goes on to make allegations that “corporations” and “the GOP” are threatening things that are going to upset Obama’s health care bill. I agree with Robinson that there is a great threat to these programs but, as usual, according to me anyway, Robinson is still full of el-crappo. Robinson has presented a Mother Goose version of what is happening, or better stated a Democrat Party version of things. The facts are the greatest threats to these programs were created by the Democrat’s, LBJ: Civil Rights Act of 1964, and LBJ’s creation of The Great Society. After passing these two pieces of legislation LBJ created Medicaid and a perpetual welfare system consisting of other entitlement programs for people who never earned the hand-outs. What Robinson is not telling you is how the Democrats have funded these programs over the past 49 years.

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Aug-28-13 6:56 PM

(Part 2) Fact: Medicare and SS were PAID-FOR programs by people who worked and were FORCED to contribute. At that time, these people were assured these programs would ALWAYS be funded. So, there was a huge pot of money just sitting there earning interest. Does one have to imagine what a Democrat will do to money just sitting there?! Well, Congress stole the Medicare/SS money to ‘pay for’ the ‘entitlements’. Robinson doesn’t seem to want to tell us those facts.

The end-result is the greatest threats to these programs are the Democrats who now reduce earned-coverage benefits of Medicare/SS to fund “Obama-Care” and want increased taxes on top of that. That is why I say Ole Robinson is full of crap. This is not difficult to understand as it is happening before our very eyes. As I recall Obama is a Democrat, as is Hillary. Just think, with Ole Hillary on the way we will get to see a female Obama.

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Aug-28-13 6:55 PM

Let’s talk about Robinson’s “Move to Amend”; what is it? The Leftists (Democrats) and GOP want to amend the Constitution via a constitutional convention (Con-Con).

This is a renewal of the longstanding effort to SUBVERT the Constitution via a “vote of the people”. The effort of the GOP is led by Glenn Beck who has a Federal Reserve lackey, Mark Levin, beating the drums from the purported “conservative”-side for a Con-Con. The bankers want the Constitution to be officially ‘dead’ but the only ‘safe’ way for them to do this is by a “vote of the people”. As it now stands if those in power change things on their own they stand to be exposed but if the ‘people’ vote for the changes then the bankers are home free, hence the Con-Con. The premise(s) for validating the Con-Con is that things will get better for all and everybody will love everybody else and there will Santa on Earth for all time to come. Ain’t that sweet? Nope, it ain’t sweet it’s all a big “Con-job”.

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