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Rethink how we spend our health care dollars

November 29, 2013

To the editor: We spend some 20 percent of our GDP on health care. This amounts to more than twice per capita spent by the other industrial countries. That makes it a major industry....

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Dec-06-13 11:43 AM

Probably accidentally, Robinson is leaving out other small items that they have planned for us thru Obama-care or whatever they call it. Again, because health-care is defined as a tax the Gestapo, er I mean the friendly goons at the I.R.S., through their administrative code, have devised means by which to address those that may want to question or challenge the Constitutionality of health-care: 1)they could deem you to be a tax protester; 2)a tax resister or, 3)a domestic terrorist which could result in: 1)an additional ‘penalty’ of $25,000, and/or, 2) imprisonment.

If you don’t mind the I.R.S., the Federal Reserve Bank and The Corporation standing on your chest pointing an A.K. 47 at your head none of this should bother you. Oh, by that time they will have already seized all weapons thru gun-control; these are the facts whether you like them or not. And some folks here want more government in their lives?!

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Dec-06-13 9:56 AM

Part 1- Let’s put this in its proper context: the government will not directly force their plan on us they will give a deal that is just-too-good-to-refuse and we will end-up choosing the government’s plan. As it is now the health-care plans will be forcing you to pay, on top of the monthly charge, a DEDUCTIBLE COST of about $8,000 per year. So your PRIVATE-coverage will not even ‘kick-in’ until the $8k is paid. They know no one can afford this so here is the deal they will offer: you choose to have the government to take full control of health-care and there will only be a nominal monthly charge and a nominal deductible.

Financially, you will have no choice but in the end you will make a choice without actually having a choice. There is more.

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Dec-06-13 9:55 AM

Part 2- Here is the real advantage for you to choose the government’s plan; it will be administered by our friends from the KGB, er the friendly I.R.S.

Because it is a tax if you don’t pay you will be subject to about a bazillion penalties, fines, liens and other assorted assessments. The bottom-line will be, if you choose to tell the goons at the I.R.S. to kiss-off, they will seize your home if you happen to be buying one. Now how can we argue about something like this? I think it is unreasonable to argue against people like Robinson and our user-friendly government and its chosen agency. Surely one that would argue against such encroachments upon our Constitutional Rights should be defined as a terrorist or a member of a terrorist organization, such as the Tea Party for instance.

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Dec-06-13 9:15 AM

And what Robinson and the Kremlin, er government are NOT telling you is the fact that the government already owns millions of businesses, including health-care providers.

One day these folks will have reached their goal we will all depend on them for medical care as there will be NO PRIVATE providers. I wonder why Robinson and his ilk leave this fact out of their writings?!

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