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Mother locates day care for daughter with diabetes

March 30, 2010

A Lehigh Acres mother would like to get the word out that daycare providers should learn about Juvenile Diabetes, a disease her young daughter has.

It's a disease where insulin isn't produced in the Pancreas and several shots of insulin have to be made a day.

For Michele Colon, it has taken three attempts to finally find a private pre-school with staff who understand and want to learn more about Juvenile Diabetes so they can care for children with the disease that there is not year a cure. Children with Juvenile Diabetes usually grow up to have Type 1 Diabetes, which is different than Type 2 Diabetes.

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Michele Colon

Colon said her daughter, Victoria, is on a strict diet and must consume a certain amount of carbs a day and that without the proper nourishment, she can go into shock and be hospitalized.

Colon works in Lehigh and wanted to find a place where her young daughter could be cared for, with help from here.

"I am close enough to the daycare centers so it is not a problem for me to leave my employment and drive to the daycare center and give my daughter needed injections of insulin.

"The first place I encountered in Lehigh didn't seem to care even though it was sponsored by a church. I told them that she would require watching and that she could have problems since she takes insulin shots three or four times a day.

"They didn't want to be bothered," Colon said. "So I went to look for another place and it was the same story. They didn't have time nor did they want to take the time to learn. They just didn't care," she said.

Finally Colon found Harvest Ministries and the staff there, she said, were very kind and showed an interest in learning about Juvenile Diabetes.

Just recently, her daughter suffered some type of relapse, and her mother had left her job so she could give her daughter an insulin injection.

"As I approached Harvest Ministries, I saw a couple of the teachers running toward the school with a child in their arms. I didn't realize it was my daughter, but when I arrived, they had called 911 and a minister was saying a prayer and the staff was doing everything to make her comfortable. She were so caring.

"I gave my daughter an insulin injection and she improved without having to be hospitalized. The staff there wants to learn all they can and they want to learn how to do the injections if necessary," she said.

Colin said she feels deeply that she has found a child care center that really cares about the children and have shown an interest to learn all they can about Juvenile Diabetes.



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