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Lehigh man in business to fix home problems

Lehigh man will take your “to do” list and make it his own

September 10, 2010

When was the last time a cabinet door became disconnected in your kitchen or maybe you're thinking about a complete remodeling of your kitchen rather than changing homes in these days of an economic downside.

These are just a few of the jobs that John Percevault can do coming out to your house and fixing just about anything to include even remodeling a kitchen.

Percevault is licensed to do almost anything from water pressure cleaning your house to cleaning up and fixing up anything that has seen better days. And he says he can be available 14/7 if there is an emergency.

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Standing by his mobile workshop: John Percevault shows his extensive workshop that he pulls behind his truck. He said he has a generator on board to provide power at any site in Lee County. He specializes in repairing and maintaining condos and homes. Photo by Mel Toadvine

Percevault owns John's Owner/Buyer Services in Lehigh Acres. To reach him, you can call 239-281-5348.

"I can take care of a complete house with cleanups and maintenance and repairs," he said.

"When I go to a client's home, I bring my workshop with me," he noted.

That workshop to which he pointed to is a large trailer that is actually a workshop on wheels. He has any and every tool to do his job and he proudly opened the doors to the trailer to show what was inside.

In addition, there is a large generator that is standard equipment in his trailer workshop that he built himself. It's just like building a room, sort to speak and taking it with you.

"I have that generator with me all the time, so if I am at a house that has no electricity, I can turn on the generator to provide all the power I may need," he said.

That comes in handy if Percevault is working on empty homes or foreclosed homes or even occupied houses and condos where the owners are out of town and the power has been turned off.

He has the licenses to do this type of work and he is insured in Lee County and he can go anywhere within the county to do a host of chores.

"We do your 'to do' list, that's our motto," Percevault said.

He has several years of experience and more recently came to Lehigh from Key West, where he spent 13 years overseeing rentals for an investor. The work included all maintenance in the units at the marina.

He works alone for the time being, but as business grows, he hopes to expand and create jobs for other to assist him.

Customers are not only home owners, but can be condo associations, Realtors who are handling foreclosures, and banks that own property that must be maintained for sale.

He specializes in all phases of interior and exterior repairs.

"Now I don't build rooms onto an existing house or anything, but I can maintain what is there and make sure that everything is taken care of. I have the expertise to handle these things and with my mobile workshop, I can go anywhere," he said.

He would like to talk to local Realtors about maintaining many of the unoccupied houses in the area. He can provide much needed power washing of the exterior and event clean up the tiles and replace them inside if need be.

He can pull up carpet and replace new floor treatment. There is almost no limit to what he can do to take the worry off of homeowners, absentee homeowners, and local real estate firms that must maintain homes for sale, abandoned and foreclosed homes.

"I know there are a lot of elderly people in the area who may not have someone to do minor repairs and they are often unable to do it themselves.

"That's what I do, and my prices are fair for someone who needs minor repairs made inside their home," he said.

"Who do you call on if cabinet doors come loose, or a window is broken or if the exterior of your house is dirty? I'm your man and I can take care of just about anything," he said.

"I know everyone has that "to do list," and I know a lot on that list isn't getting done. That is where I come in and do it for you. You will like my work," he said.

"I can replace broken kitchen fixtures, put in new sinks and do other jobs throughout the house," he said.

Percevault has the knowledge to handle just about any problem you may have in the house. If you need advice, he suggests you even give him a call and he'll help you solve a problem.

"I'm in Lehigh to do a good job for the folks. When they need someone to do something that they just can't do, then I hope they'll call me. I will take care of what their needs are," he said.



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