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Curcione to host invasive hip replacement surgery seminar

Planned for Oct. 21 at Gulf Coast Medical Center

October 19, 2010
Special To The Citizen

To provide more information and answer questions about treatment options for severe hip pain, including the anterior approach to hip replacement, orthopaedic surgeon Dr. Peter Curcione will host a free educational seminar on Thursday, Oct. 21 from 5:30 to 6:30 p.m. at Gulf Coast Medical Center, 13681 Doctors Way in Fort Myers. The topics to be addressed will include:

Osteoarthritis and causes of hip pain

Treatment options including the anterior approach to hip replacement

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Dr. Peter Cucione

How hip replacement works, what to expect and recovery

For reservations, call 239-368-8277, ext. 2302. Refreshments will be served. Space is limited.

The following story was related by Curcione:

When 60-year-old Thomas Gibson began experiencing pain while golfing, he wisely listened to the advice of friends and to the warning sign of pain.

"The pain started in my gluteus muscle and continued to increase over time," said Gibson of Lehigh Acres. "And as the pain grew worse, so did my golf game. My body and my friends were telling me it was time for me to get help so I called Dr. Curcione."

Following an exam and x-rays, Curcione diagnosed Gibson with osteoarthritis in both hips. Together, Curcione and Gibson discussed the options, both surgical and non-surgical.

"First I tried cortisone shots, but the relief was temporary and lasted only a few days," said Gibson. "Walking and bending was becoming more difficult and on a scale of one to 10, my pain level reached as high as nine. I went back to Dr. Curcione for a follow-up visit and we discussed the plan for surgery."

Dr. Curcione recommended Gibson as a candidate for the anterior approach to hip replacement.

"When symptoms can no longer be controlled through non-operative treatments, hip replacement surgery may be the best option," said Curcione. "The anterior approach to hip replacement offers a less invasive, less painful option. We call it the 'muscle-friendly' approach because we do not surgically detach the muscles or tendons. Patients usually get moving and back to their normal routines much faster compared to traditional hip replacement surgery."

To learn more and prepare for surgery, Gibson attended one of Curcione's free seminars, as well as a pre-operative class offered at The Joint Academy at Lehigh Regional Medical Center.

"Both classes were very informative," said Gibson. "I really felt this was the best option and I was confident that Dr. Curcione could help me. Since the pain and diagnosis was more severe in my left hip, I opted to do that one first. "

Over the summer, Gibson underwent the anterior approach to hip replacement. After a brief hospital stay, Gibson was discharged home. Days later, he began physical therapy several times per week. He continues therapy at home on his own.

"The surgical pain was brief and my hip pain is completely gone," said Gibson. "In fact, both hips feel better. I'm back to golfing 18 holes again and I must say that my game has improved tremendously. Most importantly, I can bend over, tie my shoes and function normally again. You can't put a price on the simple tasks that we do every day."

Hip replacement is a major surgery. While traditional hip replacement involves operating from the side or back of the hip, the direct anterior approach requires a smaller incision, about three to four inches long at the front or anterior of the hip. The anterior approach procedure to total hip replacement has been gaining popularity due to its potential benefits including reduced scarring and minimized risk of muscle damage.

Dr. Peter Curcione is an osteopathic physician, a board certified orthopaedic surgeon and a partner in the Athletic Orthopedics and Reconstructive Center. With offices in Fort Myers and Lehigh Acres, Curcione has served patients in Southwest Florida since 1997.



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