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Word on the Street for Nov. 3

November 9, 2010
As Asked by Mel Toadvine, Citizen Editor

What did you think of the campaign commercials over the past few weeks?

Emmett Keller

Lehigh Acres

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Joe Picc

"I didn't like them. All they did was bite each other. I think they were terrible."


Richard Blackwell

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"I thought the campaign ads were downgrading for some of the candidates, all in an effort to make some look bad and wrong."

Michele Guyton


"I think they were sad. The real issues were never brought up in the campaign commercials."

Lorie Burke

"We don't have network TV so we didn't really have to look at them. We were spared."

Joe Picc

"It was mudslinging, nothing but back and forth between the candidates."




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