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New laws will suppress voters’ rights

May 18, 2011
Lehigh Acres Citizen
To the Editor:

Tallahassee’s goal to ensure the outcome of Florida’s 2012 vote, is becoming painfully obvious, with the current bills to suppress voters, visa-vie voter turnout.

New laws limiting time to obtain signatures to add amendments to the ballot.

New laws limiting process of registering new voters.

New laws curtailing union involvement.

New laws reducing early voting time.

From two weeks to only one week.

This will produce long lines from the working public at peak times, thus discouraging their ability to vote.

New laws changing the status of votes from a ballot that will count to a ballot that may email

The voter can urge family and friends to register to vote ASAP. Call Election’s Office at 533-8683.

Request a vote by mail ballot for three elections in 2012. Call 533-8683.

Voters should be sure to keep their address changes current in ensure their vote will count. Call 533-8683.

Plan to vote in all three elections in 2012.

Let your local legislators know how you feel about their taking away your voting rights. This bill is suppressing the contents of our ballot and is also suppressing your vote. Call Rep. Matt Caldwell at 533-2411 and Rep. Page Kregel, 941-575-5820

Voters stand up for your rights.

Joan Patterson

Lehigh Acres



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