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Group upset over drowning of mother cat, kittens

June 20, 2011
Lehigh Acres Citizen
To The Editor:

There is simply no excuse for sentencing unwanted animals to slow, painful, and terrifying deaths, as someone apparently did to the mother cat and her four kittens which were found drowned in a pillowcase with a brick in Port Charlotte recently.

Open-admission animal shelters stand ready to accept unwanted animals and those for whom people can no longer care. And low-cost spay/neuter clinics make it affordable for everyone to prevent their animals from giving birth to more kittens or puppies.

Let’s hope that whoever killed these cats is quickly apprehended and charged with cruelty to animals. People who abuse animals are cowards who lack empathy and may be a danger to other vulnerable beings.

I urge readers who have unwanted animals to do the brave and responsible thing and take them to a reputable animal shelter, where they will be cared for, loved, and have a chance at finding new homes. Please also prevent more unwanted kittens and puppies from being born by always having animals spayed or neutered. To learn more, visit'>

Lindsay Pollard-Post

The PETA Foundation

Norfolk, Va.



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