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Names governors who don’t represent constituents

June 27, 2011
Lehigh Acres Citizen
To The Editor:

In the 2010 elections voters made a huge mistake, for which they have already paid and will pay the highest possible price. Those who voted and those who did not vote elected 11 Republican governors. These governors have not represented voters’ interests, nor the best interest of their respective states.

What they have done is advance a radical right-wing agenda to the detriment of most citizens, whom they now do NOT represent. These governors are so radical that they have inflicted serious long-term damage to the middle-working class of the United States. Who are these governors?

To list a few: Mitch Daniels, Indiana; Rick Scott, Florida; John Kasich, Ohio; Rick Snyder, Michigan; Scott Walker , Wisconsin; and Rick Perry, Texas.

Our best hope is that they will be one-term governors. Next best hope is that the next electees will have the wisdom and the will of the people to undo the injustices of the current governors. If possible, all of the above should be recalled or impeached.

All of the above deserve an article, a very long article to describe their despicable legislative acts and their underhanded ways of passing things that are literally decimating middle class America.

However, we need to start with Florida’s Rick Scott, former CEO of Columbia/HCA where he presided over a massive Medicare fraud.

His company paid a $1.7 billion federal fine and that cost him his job.

So how much damage should the citizens/voters of Florida allow him to do to our state? Scott just passed and signed a budget that cut $1.35 billion from education, cut $1 billion from Medicaid, raised college tuitions throughout the state, cut 4,500 state jobs, and privatized the prison system that will not pay as well and will have no accountability whatsoever.

All law enforcement was against this as a very bad idea for the state and its 102,138 prisoners. This privatization cut $2.4 billion and 27,599 jobs.

Scott had promised that he would create jobs.

To date he has done nothing but eliminate jobs and refuse federal funds to build a high-speed rail system. That would have added jobs for many years. As of this writing, Gov. Scott’s approval rating is 27 percent for his first six months, and his disapproval rating is 57 percent.

Joan Patterson

Lehigh Acres



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