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Sidney & Davis Art Center Film Festival begins

June 28, 2011
Lehigh Acres Citizen
The Fort Myers Film Festival begins on July 11 at Sidney & Berne Davis Art Center in downtown Fort Myers.

Save your summer Monday nights for indie film viewings. Independent film junkies craving intellectual satisfaction will have an outlet for their addictions and a place to congregate this summer. The Fort Myers Film Festival has announced it will be having a summer series at the luxurious Sidney & Berne Davis Art Center every Monday night starting July 11.

The highly successful Intellectualization Mondays in Fort Myers with host Eric Raddatz, also known as TGIM for 'Thank God it’s Monday' which warmed into last season's successful festival, will start up again with a consideration of a series of official films from the 2011 Fort Myers Film Festival's official programming including award winners "Fambul Tok," "A Delicious Peace Grows in an Ugandan Coffee Bean," and "For Once in My Life," in case any were not able to see them during the actual festival. Discussions with the producers and directors from the films will take place during taped interactive discussions with the audience. The price is $5. Watch the film, grab a drink and intellectualize with the community afterwards.

"So many people love the intellectual atmosphere at TGIM and have been asking when it is starting up again downtown," founder and president Eric Raddatz said.

"I'm very appreciative of the support from the city, from the community and from the Sidney & Berne Davis Art Center and I'm proud to announce we are starting Monday nights again with an award winning independent films and locally produced independent films leading into our 2012 film festival starting July 11 where a very special presentation and announcement will start off our 2012 season."

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July 11, 2011: FAMBUL TOK 76 minutes, voted Best Documentary by the Fort Myers Film Festival.

Victims and perpetrators of Sierra Leonne's brutal civil war come together for the first time in an unprecedented program of tradition-based truth-telling and forgiveness ceremonies. Directed by Sara Terry with intermission and discussion to follow.

July 18, 2011: FOR ONCE IN MY LIFE 89 minutes, voted Best Diversity by the Fort Myers Film Festival

A documentary about a unique band of singers and musicians, and their journey to show the world the greatness - and killer soundtrack - within each of them. The band members have a wide range of mental and physical disabilities, as well as musical abilities that extend into ranges of pure genius. Directed by Jim Bigham with intermission and discussion to follow.

July 25, 2011: RAINBOW TOWN 76 minutes.

With war raging around her, Feeta Naimen had to make a choice: to protect the orphaned children forced into her life or abandon them and go in search of her own family. With intermission and discussion to follow.

August 1, 2011: CANVAS 89 minutes (locally produced)

When all that keeps you grounded is taken away - your love, your passion, your life - what is left? Anger and bitterness? Surrender and withdrawal? For young artist Brodey, every care is left behind. He will find that letting go is the hardest thing to do. Directed by Brent Saitta with intermission questions and answers with cast and discussion to follow.

August 8, 2011: LIGHT 88 minutes (locally produced)

A teenage boy struggles to understand and explore his new found latent super powers with the help of his best friend while navigating the treacherous waters of high school. Meanwhile, unbeknownst to them, evil forces turn a trusted ally and teacher against them. Directed by Marty Wisher with intermission questions and answer period with cast and discussion to follow.


Living in the wake of the Idi Amin reign of terror and institutional discrimination, one Ugandan coffee farmer organized a group of Christian, Muslim and Jewish neighbors to challenge historical - as well as economic and environmental - hurdles by forming Delicious Peace Coffee Cooperative to enhance peaceful relationships and economic development. Partnering with a Fair Trade U.S. distributor, the standard of living of the farmers is improving, peace is flourishing, and their messages of peace and fair wages are spreading to coffee customers in the U.S. Narrated by Ed O'Neill. Directed by Ellen Friedland. With intermission and discussion to follow.

SING ME TO SLEEP, 30 minutes (Poland).

Robert, a 45-year-old postal worker lives at home with his sick mother. Wanting to fulfill his mother’s last wish, Robert goes on a desperate search to find a girlfriend - or at least someone who will pretend to be.

August 22, 2011: BEATBOXING - THE FIFTH ELEMENT OF HIP HOP, 55 minutes.

It was in the late 70s that a youth culture evolved in the poorer parts of New York which combined several disciplines under the name of Hip Hop. Apart from the four classic elements of graffiti writing, DJing, breakdancing, and rapping, the musical side of this culture was enhanced by a fifth element called “Beatboxing.” From the hardship of poverty and the lack of instruments, a pioneer was inspired to imitate drum rhythms with his mouth - his brilliance creating the term “Human Beatbox.” The documentary integrally covers a variety of musical technical abilities. Beatboxing has become a multilingual and diverse instrument applied in all genres of music. The documentary shows how this modern style of music has spread and how it continues to enrich the entertainment world. Directed by Klaus Schneyder

August 29, 2011: MAN FROM FRANCE, 30 minutes (Japan).

Guillaume who is French travels around Japan for shooting a documentary film with a 16mm camera. One day, he thumbs and is picked up in a car of a mysterious old man. The old man is interested in his 16mm camera and they go on traveling in friendship.


Murder, rape, slavery, torture - part of the daily routing for the Burmese people. Burma: An Indictment shows the inhumane conditions the gentile Burmese people suffer every day

September 5 and 12, 2011 TGIM STARTS with judges and films in consideration for the 2012 Fort Myers Film Festival with host Eric Raddatz, musical guests and performances from local talent. Come get a transparent view of they select their official programming, grab a drink and intellectualize with the indie community.

Documentary - Fambul Tok, July 11, best documentary Fort Myers Film Festival 2011.

Victims and perpetrators of Sierra Leone's brutal civil war come together for the first time in an unprecedented program of tradition-based truth-telling and forgiveness ceremonies. Through reviving their ancient practice of fambul tok (family talk), Sierra Leoneans are building sustainable peace at the grass-roots level -- succeeding where the international community's post-conflict efforts failed. Filled with lessons for the West, this film explores the depths of a culture that believes that true justice lies in redemption and healing for individuals -- and that forgiveness is the surest path to restoring dignity and building strong communities.

A portion of the festival's proceeds will go to The Children's Hospital of Southwest Florida.

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