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Reader asks to get off of Lohlein email list

July 26, 2011
Lehigh Acres Citizen
To the Editor:

I have kindly asked Frank Lohlein to remove me from any future emails. I have had quite enough of his negativity and attacking others.

He does nothing more than rant and rave, spread half-truths and instill fear in the senior citizens of Lehigh Acres. If he spent half as much time coming up with real life, practical solutions to the community’s problems rather than attacking others’ ideas we would all be much better off.

I am a fiscal conservative and am against raising taxes as well but there is a fine balance between pay now or pay much more later.

The infrastructure of Lehigh such as roads, canals, bridges and culverts are failing and need immediate attention. Not to mention the community needs to get serious about zoning and planning changes now before more damage is done for future smart growth.

Mr. Lohlein, with all due respect, has a relatively short time left on earth. Does he really want the legacy he leaves behind be one that contributed to the exorbitantly high costs of improving and repairing the infrastructure and the inability to grow.

I pray that God would shine in his heart so that he can show love for his fellow neighbors rather than spread anger and deceit.

Matthew Gordon

Fort Myers

Gordon served a brief time on the Lehigh Acres Community Planning Council, but resigned when he moved to Fort Myers. Those who get unwanted emails can have them go to a spam file so you won't receive any more such mail. - Ed.



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