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Should LACPP take a stand on chicken issue?

July 27, 2011
Lehigh Acres Citizen
To The Editor:

I have informed the board members of the Lehigh Acres Community Planning Panel (LACPP) that I have been contacted by Lee county Commissioner Mann to see if the Community Council, which represents the largest cross-section of the population of Lehigh Acres, would take a stand on our most recent attention getting news article – the lady in the single family residence who wants to keep her chickens in her backyard.

For those not familiar with the article, let me briefly explain that this is a family who wants to keep their 10 chickens in their backyard to “produce eggs” … “so that in these hard economic times we can survive …”

This is my personal take on this subject and you are welcome to add your input.

I find it very hard to believe that:

1 – The number of eggs these chickens will produce enough eggs to a) to feed a family of three just on eggs, and b) save them enough in grocery money to enable them to pay their mortgage.

2. They have spent approximately $500 on building a chicken coop to house these chickens, money probably better spent on food or mortgage payments.

3. That enabling these people to have chickens does not open a door that can’t be shut.

More specifically, if this family can have chickens, why can’t their neighbors have a Vietnamese Pot Belly Pig, or a pet goat that they could get milk from?

I personally think that their 3-year-old daughter has grown attached to her favorite chick and they would like this to be her pet.

The Chamber of Commerce has already received a number of complaints about the noise the chickens make in the morning. I think the LACPP needs to take a stand, write a resolution to submit to the Lee County Commission, to prevent this from becoming an allowed use in a single family district.

Your thoughts?

Edd Weiner

Lehigh Acres

Weiner is chairman of the Lehigh Acres Community Planning Panel that listens to applications for rezoning and development in Lehigh Acres. County code enforcement officials recently launched, then suspended, an investigation of Dianna and Glyn Caminos of Lehigh Acres, who have a chicken coop and about 10 chickens in their backyard in Lehigh Acres. – Ed.



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