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Free roaming chickens make the best eggs

July 27, 2011
Lehigh Acres Citizen
To The Editor:

Your neighbor lady has 10 chickens, hopefully nine hens and one rooster. Usually a hen will lay an egg per day – nine eggs times seven days equals 63.

That totals to 5 ½ dozen eggs per week. Now ladies need a day off each week so the ladies will have to work it out to maintain the above numbers.

Five dozen eggs per week should help feed the family pantry and have enough for baked products and other desserts, even giving several eggs to friends or save up some eggs and sell them to help pay for the chicken feed.

Hopefully Mr. Rooster is doing his duty and some eggs will be fertilized and mama hen gets to set on her eggs to hatch more chicks to mature and lay more eggs and to replace the hens that became a Sunday roast dinner or went into a soup pot.

The egg produced by free roaming chickens are much better tasting and work better in baking. You also have the material for composting from the hen house.

Share some with a friendly farmer or neighbor gardener.

Now imagine you are ready to tell the lady to “get rid of the chickens or move.” Have you noticed the news media articles regarding the small business people facing coming up with new ideas to maintain open doors or they will have to close.

So much for our economy feeding families.

It was nice to wake up and hear the rooster crow. You know you had a roof over your head, food to eat though it be plain and you had another day on God’s good earth.

Beth Love

Lehigh Acres



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