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Beware of negative campaign ads on TV

August 2, 2011
Lehigh Acres Citizen

To The Editor:

Negative campaign ads are starting to hit the airwaves already. A group called Crossroads Grassroots is sponsoring negative TV ads slandering Democratic candidates. No responsible politician would support these falsehoods.

Who is behind Crossroads Grassroots? Karl Rove, "George Bush's brain," is behind Crossroads Grassroots and is responsible for their misleading and vile content. His Machiavellian philosophy is "that the ends justify the means."

Since there are no truly outstanding Republican candidates, Rove through Crossroads Grassroots resorts to slandering their opponents. They believe that if they repeat lies often enough people will start to believe them. Bigger campaign budgets mean more misleading, negative ads.

We need to limit both campaign funding and the time period in which ads can run. By starting campaign ads more than a year ahead of the election, campaigns become much more expensive, thus eliminating many good potential candidates who simply cannot raise so much money.

Please recognize negative ads for what they are. Listen to the candidates' messages. Look at their voting records. Do they vote the way they talk? Some candidates will say anything to get elected but then behave differently once in office.

Voters need to inform themselves and not merely rely on ads. Make the effort to inform yourself about candidates and issues. Do research, check voting records compared to public statements over time, and protect your interests on election day.

Joan Patterson

Lehigh Acres



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