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Fire Dept. shifts noted; LACPP against feeding the poor

August 25, 2011
Lehigh Acres Citizen

To The Editor:

This is a correction to a story in The Citizen last week when Editor Mel Toadvine was on vacation.

The fire department has one 24-hour shift per day consisting of 37 firefighters and then they get two 24-hour shifts off.

On a more serious note, the fire department will not have enough money to run the department on the current basis. The union, the chief and the commissioners have known this for two years and still have done nothing to change it. The state will be compelled to take it over in August of 2012, if they do not get their heads out of the sand and do something to alleviate this mess.

Also, The LACPP is against feeding Lehigh's poor.

The federal poverty level is $23,300 and the average income in Lehigh is $21,000 and having chickens for eggs and meat alleviates the lack of food problem for the poor here. And in these hard times the Lee County Commission should be compassionate in adjusting the laws to help them.

They do vote and will do so in large numbers against anyone taking food out of their children's mouths.

According to Assistant County Attorney Cathy Collins, and County Principal Planner Cathy Ebaugh, the Lehigh Acres Community Planning Panel (LACPP) is not an officially recognized or part of Lee County government, and should not be taken as the opinion - only 14 citizens - out of the 87,000, as according to the last U.S. Census.

Residents of Lehigh Acres, apparently the LACPP is against feeding the poor in this crisis. Those people on the LACPP have no idea what the opinion of Lehigh residents is and apparently they don't know there are many people here who need food to survive.

Shame on them.

Frank Lohlein

Lehigh Acres



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