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Letters- Reader has a real plan for our country

August 30, 2011
Lehigh Acres Citizen

To The Editor:

I propose the following:

1-Prohibit those on public assistance from voting;

2-Prohibit teachers, firemen, policemen or any public employee from serving on any of the various "boards" that bargain for wages, etc.;

3-Abolish the Federal Reserve Act, immediately;

4-Repudiate the purported "national debt";

5-Immediately begin issuing interest-free Treasury Notes;

6-Rescind all "free trade" agreements, immediately;

7-Withdraw from the World Bank, IMF, and

8-Close our borders and bring all the troops home, now.

Okay, your readers are rolling their eyes, but consider these before you make a final decision, regarding:

#1-This is not my idea but I wish I had thought of it first. It was initially published (I am told) in the Waco Tribune Herald, Waco, Texas, on November 18, 2010. I do not know the author.

At first glance this may appear to be in violation of a basic right, I disagree. No one has a basic right to live off the fruits of another's labors. The so-called "welfare clause" does not exist and is merely a semantic fabrication created by our precious social engineers who are driving us to communism.

The failing of every "democracy" in the history of the World falls directly on the ability of non-contributors to vote on financial considerations that affect them. They will vote every time to fill their stockings at others' expense with no regard as to who is going to pay the price. Eventually, this leads to a collapse of the system.

In conjunction with this many states are requiring that a welfare recipient submit to random drug tests.

There is argument this is a Constitution infringement, not so. The tests are being administered to justify the use of taxpayer money and the results of the testing are not for criminal prosecution. Hence, no Constitutional infringement.

#2-A major failing of the union strategy in negotiations is the bottom-line for wages and benefits are predicated on parity. In other words, after a short probationary period every employee in that classification must be paid at the same rate. This is regardless of ability or performance.

When teachers and firemen sit on boards that bargain with the government they are affected by the results of that bargaining. A fireman-is-a-fireman-is-a-fireman mentality prevails. It is across the board in application.

The strategy of parity has become "established" as basis for demands of districts across the country. In other words a fireman from Hicktown can compare themselves to "other fireman" (say, in New York) and demand commensurate wages. And, basically this strategy works.

Another argument against such an arrangement is the fact that all these employees' pension and insurance funds are held in public trusts.

As such the employee, sitting as a board member, is the administrator of the trust and as an employee is also the beneficiary; that is a conflict of interest and against the rules of such trusts. One cannot lawfully maintain both statuses in that arena.

To further add to the flaws of parity is when entitled parties (most specifically the negro and women) are within the system. In those regards the system has no chance at success. And, no one within the system (most particularly the gutless politicians) will address any deficiency or inequity.

#3-The Federal Reserve Bank must be abolished if we are to survive as a Republic. To "keep" the Bank is to guarantee communism and it can be said no other way.

#4-The purported "national debt" is a huge fraud. It has no standing in law or equity. I could write for days on this but I think most thinking Americans know it is nothing but a scam.

#5-Why in the world would we pay interest on "money" issued by private bankers when we can simply issue or own interest-free Treasury Notes?

Our interest-free T-Notes would be backed by our Gross Domestic Product. That means the government would have no desire in continuing to allow the big corporations to take our work (and our economy) overseas.

This move would also balance the budget; we would have to discontinue all the world-wide giveaways and we could only spend on lawful functions of government.

This would also put a severe strain on Congress' entitlement programs. Again, only lawful functions of government would be funded.

#'s 6, 7 and 8- We simply do what is morally and financially expedient for the taxpayers of this country and remove ourselves from these strangleholds.

The resolves are at our disposal. The Fed and Congress have us on the path to the full implementation of a communist system. All the Communist Manifesto's Ten Planks are established.

The only things left for "them" to do are to have a Constitutional Convention (the Balanced Budget Amendment will open it up) whereby that document will be officially rescinded and then take our guns.

Keith Kaye

Lehigh Acres



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