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Letters: The wide influence of the Koch Brothers

September 13, 2011
Lehigh Acres Citizen

To The Editor:

The America's Supreme Court was designed by our founding fathers to place the rule of law above politics. Five current members (Scalia, Kennedy, Thomas, Roberts and Alito) are definitely supporting a political agenda in their court decisions.

Thomas Jefferson said, "We cannot endanger the people's rule by establishing the aristocracy of our moneyed corporations." This, however, was exactly what the court did when they granted corporations the ability to donate unlimited corporate cash to political campaigns, which has the effect of corrupting elections in favor of corporate interests.

Three (Scalia, Alito and Thomas) of the five who voted for this ruling are connected to the Koch brothers, whom I mentioned last week with regard to their buying governorships and influencing think tanks with huge cash contributions.

Scalia participated in a Koch brother political retreat. Alito participated in a right wing fund raiser sponsored by them and helped raise funds for the Koch funded Manhattan Institute. Thomas attended a Koch brothers' political event in Palm Springs in 2008. In 2009, he raised funds for someone involved in a Supreme Court case. He associates with radical right wing politico Harlan Crow of Dallas.

It is sad to think that Obama's healthcare bill will be judged by a Court many of whose justices hold clearly biased political views. Supreme Court Justices should be politically neutral and support the Constitution instead of rallying behind a political party.

The Supreme Court has thwarted states' efforts to make elections fair.

2006 the Supreme Court voted to overturn limits on campaign contributions in Vermont.

2007 the Supreme Court tossed out Wisconsin's effort to keep corporate donors from saturating TV advertising.

2008 the Supreme Court gutted McCain-Feingold campaign finance reform by allowing corporations to spend unlimited amounts on political speech and make unlimited campaign contributions

2011 the Supreme Court killed the "matching funds" part of Arizona's Clean Elections Act, which would have been a key to making Arizona's public financing work.

I cannot help but wonder what Thomas Jefferson would think of the credibility of this court. Supreme Court Justices have become political activists, whose decisions reflect their political beliefs rather than the Constitution. They are appointed for life. Sadly I do not know how to address these hypocrites. Should they be replaced? Can they be recalled?

Joan Patterson

Lehigh Acres



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