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Lettter: Disappointed with how ‘Chicken War’ was handled

September 13, 2011
Lehigh Acres Citizen

To The Editor:

I am writing regarding the "Lehigh Chicken Wars" story in The Lehigh Acres Citizen.

Sir it was no war at all. I feel it was totally one-sided and misrepresented.

I live off Sunshine Blvd. In Lehigh and have a half acre fenced lot zoned residential. As such I am not allowed under Lee County codes to keep Chickens - so be it. The reason being that for the record, I do not now nor have I ever had chickens at my home in Lehigh.

I follow the code in everything I do. When I wanted a fence I obtained a permit. When I added my garden shed I did the same. Code enforcement not only worked with me but went out of their way to be helpful.

Yes I did wish to get a limited number of chickens as pets and for pest control in my garden, maybe five or less. They are flock birds and do not do well alone.

I truly don't care about the eggs because at my age they are not the best thing for me to be eating on a daily basis; however, I am sure they would not have gone to waist.

Had the code been amended I would have obtained the permits required and obeyed the code.

Sadly we were not given a chance to make our case.

When Lee County Commissioner Brian Bigelow's motion did not get a second, we lost something far bigger than a "Chicken War."

We lost our right to be heard and view or thoughts on the subject matter in an intelligent open manner. It seems there is only one person on the commission that understands that.

I had called and written Commissioner Frank Mann's office before and after the meeting to express myself. I was told that if I could get three Commission board members to agree, we could have the issue re-opened. I don't see much chance of that happing when not one of them believed in the system enough to even second Commissioner's Bigelow's motion.

I feel very let down and abandoned by our county commissioners.

I truly believe there was room for compromise, or at least a chance to discuss the matter.

So be it and I will add some quail, they don't look or act as cool as the chickens I had in mind. And they don't eat as many bugs. But there is no code prohibiting them.

Tony D'Angelo

Lehigh Acres



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