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Letters: Some answers for Lohlein’s questions

October 5, 2011
Lehigh Acres Citizen

To The Editor:

Frank Lohlein in a Letter to the Editor requested Mike Swords to reply to this paper so everyone in Lehigh can read it with questions that he had.

The Lehigh Acres Economic development was formed to try to get an equal portion of the tax monies and federal grant monies to our community. As Mr. Swords has informed you, it is an independent entity and financially self-sustaining. The meetings were well publicized and many of the local and state politicians were there to assist along with many local business leaders.

Just a point of information, over the past 18 years Lee County was given a $38 million in Community Block Grants from the federal government.

Do you know how much of that money came toward Lehigh - $ 0, Mr. Lohlein. Do you know how much or the tax monies the people of Lehigh pay are returned to us - a very small percentage.

Mike Swords and his folks are trying to get a fair share for this area. Are you upset because they won't vote you as president of the EDC? You accuse Mr. Swords of being an off-shoot of the failed incorporation group, so what.

What you should do is to write an article explaining to the people of Lehigh and for that matter all of Lee County how you misinformed people, the voters, before the incorporation vote. You led much of the citizenry to believe if they voted for incorporation their taxes would be raised.

It was a "straw vote" and you used devious tactics in your articles to panic an elderly and misinformed population. It is your mentality that is keeping this area the way it is. Perhaps you should get on board with the EDC and try to help out instead of playing a tug of war game that is not beneficial to anyone.

Jay Fitzgerald

Lehigh Acres



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