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Letter: Reader wants name removed from Lohlein list

October 11, 2011
Lehigh Acres Citizen

To The Editor:

I have asked Frank Lohlein to please delete references to my personal e-mail list, that he copied and is using for his subjective e-mails. They are my private listings to whom I send information, to which he is not included. Someone gave Lohlein my list or he got a copy of an email I sent.

Mr. Lohlein is not authorized to use my list. I am sending information to our attorney for possible lawsuit. I am advising the people on my list to send him an email to delete their names, as he doesn't personally know 99 percent of the people on this list.

I am asking my attorney if this constitutes email fraud and if the FTC should be involved.

Mr. Lohlein, you need to become a Proud Lion and go to the "Highline" instead of the "Lowlein."

It's interesting that he spouts unintelligent information on a regular basis. Maybe he should try to get his facts right instead of acting like the "Lehigh Enquirer," and being the mouthpiece for someone else with consistent misinformation or information that has been misconstrued and out of context.

He puts forth "no positive" energy that our City in the Making

needs and doesn't want to be a part of solving problems, only helping to

create them by his negative input.

Ruth A. Anglickis

Lehigh Acres



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