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Letter: Occupy Wall Street must change its focus

October 18, 2011
Lehigh Acres Citizen

To The Editor:

Occupying Wall St. sounds admirable, however as it appears now, the movement is doomed. It lacks sustainability, without popular support, without strong motivation and achievable goals.

I call your attention to an article in Times magazine, October 10, 2011 issue, "Why America Must Revive Its Middle Class."

We find ourselves in worse shape than most of us can recall. Not only are we the 99 percent, but the 1 percent has no reason to respond to our needs. Certainly demonstrating against Wall St, Corporate America, and the Feds will not change much.

Remember support comes from the people of the middle class. Express their grievances and the more committed audience will listen.

Direct energy where it is most likely to generate change. We must change all three branches of government.

Demand jobs, eliminate poverty, security for the elderly, affordable health care, fair immigration policies, and equal financial treatment for middle America, so that there is opportunity to prosper and not concentration of power, both financial and political in the hands of the rich. Corporations are not people. Demand that government stand up for people otherwise we must vote them out.

Lewis Robinson

Fort Myers



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