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Personal shopper calls new business a ‘needed service’

October 27, 2011
By MEL TOADVINE, , Lehigh Acres Citizen

Lyn Robbins of Lehigh Acres has come up with an entrepreneurial idea that she thinks is a much needed service in Lehigh Acres.

"Because she has experience in helping others who are ill and immobile, she has decided that she can help people in Lehigh by becoming their "personal shopper."

"I can run errands and do things like helping people get groceries. I'm talking about a lot of senior residents in Lehigh who are alone or have no means of transportation. Many of our seniors in Lehigh have no family down here and some chores are very difficult for them to perform," Robbins said.

While shopping for groceries is the impetus for her new work as a personal shopper for such items as foods and gifts, she says she can save her clients time, money and stress.

This is how it works, Robbins explained.

"Those who want my service can give me their shopping list and together we can arrange a delivery time. I do the shopping according to the list.

The client in turn pays for the items purchased, plus a shopping fee. No contracts or anything, just some personal help," she said.

Her shopping fees are $15 for a dollar to a $49.99 purchase; $20 for a $50 to $99.99 purchase and a $25 fee for $100 worth of grocery and above, all at local Lehigh stores.

Robbins says seniors who have a difficult time in getting groceries won't have to stand in long lines again and they can save money on their grocery list. If they have a vehicle, they can save money on their gas.

"And with me buying only what is on the list, it prevents them from impulsive buying which can be expensive," she said.

"Also think about driving home from some place without stopping at the store. I think a lot of people think this can be a great help to them," she said.

She passes out a flier titled "Nooo Stress Shopping," and she says that is what it means for those who have problems with time or getting around because they don't have a car or anyone who can help them.

She has moved back to Lehigh to help her mother-in-law.

"I moved from Lehigh and went to North Carolina and have returned to where I lived for 20 years," she said.

"I just want folks to know I am here to help them. If they have other request like being driven to a doctor or to an appointment, they can call me, too," she said.

To talk to Lynn, call 239-849-0555.

"I can save people a lot of personal stress and money," she said. "That's a promise."



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