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Letters in Oct. 26 edition

October 25, 2011
Lehigh Acres Citizen

Lions Club disbands 'FISH' in Lehigh

To The Editor:

The Lehigh Acres Lions Board of Directors voted to disband FISH (Friends in Service here) based on the lack of need due to Medicare supplying much of the needs of our citizens as well as the lack of manpower to support this program any longer.

We wish to thank all who have assisted us with this program for several years.

Jacqueline Landon

Lehigh Acres

Landon is the secretary for the Lehigh Acres Lions Club. Ed.


Mystery about vet receiving Bronze Star cleared up

To The Editor:

Mr. Vern Medaugh contacted the National Personnel Records Center earlier this year and requested a free set of replacement medals. We responded to him in August explaining which medals we could verify and exactly which medals would

be sent to him and by whom (the Tank and Automotive Command office in Philadelphia). In his case some of the medals he was authorized are temporarily out of stock and the Bronze Star Medal was shipped separately. There is no mystery or government waste involved in this instance.

Niels J. Zussblatt

Management Analyst

National Personnel Records Center

National Archives and Records Administration

Philadelphia, Pa.

The story was in last week's Citizen. Medaugh said he received a bronze star medal in the mail but didn't know why. Ed.


Two deficits; one debt - many solutions

To The Editor:

Federal deficit - When the government spends more than it brings in, there is a deficit. This year the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) expects a deficit of $1.3 trillion, which will be added to our national debt.

Federal trade deficit When a country imports more than it exports, there is a trade deficit. The U.S. projected trade deficit for 2011 is $429 billion.

Federal debt Cumulative deficits over many years add up to produce national debt, which must be paid eventually. The current U.S. national debt is $14.9 trillion.

Currently Congress is discussing free trade agreements with Colombia, Panama and South Korea. Fair Trade is a better solution than Free Trade. Fair trade would balance imports and exports from any given country so that they balance and do not contribute to the U.S. trade deficit. Fair Trade would promote U.S. jobs. NAFTA took American jobs. Free Trade is not Fair Trade for American workers.

The only way for the U.S. economy to recover is jobs in both the private and public sector. The government ought to pay its bills, but solutions to current budget shortfalls should not lead to policies that reduce jobs.

Jobs are the ultimate solution to a healthy economy and increased government income.

Congress has appointed representatives and senators to reduce our deficits and debt. Hopefully they will do it with wisdom and bi-partisan solutions. We must pray that they implement policies that will increase jobs, not cut costs no matter who gets hurt. They should do what benefits the people of their districts, or we should vote them out of office.

Some 55,000 American factories have closed since NAFTA. Not only have tariff-free goods flooded American markets but American companies have chosen to move factories abroad for cheap labor.

Our votes will matter in 2012. Vote to support jobs in this country.

Joan Patterson

Lehigh Acres




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