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Many in Occupy movement want politicians to wake up


November 20, 2011
By JOHN C. MILLER , Lehigh Acres Citizen

After reading Keith Kaye's article thrashing the Occupy movement, I decided to share what I have been observing. There are people involved that have no idea what they want done, they just want politicians to wake up and realize that the public is getting fed up.

I saw an email one day announcing (anonymously) that a meeting of interested Occupy people was being planned in Lehigh so I went with my 99 percent yard sign.

The mess we are in has its origins in abuse of the systems that were intended to grant industrialized nations more prosperity and liberty.

With the revolts against Europe's kingdoms and the formation of parliamentary governments, leaders tried to incorporate a system of morals and values into government in hopes of destroying the class system that kept everybody but a few privileged families and their lieutenants in a state of servitude.

There was always infighting at the top and wars that started over territory and foolish insults.

Today much of the world is still under oppressive regimes, some of which have been sustained by America and our allies for the purpose of dominating the world's oil or other raw materials. Russia and China like doing the same thing where they have influence.

Before the Occupy movement started, we saw the Arab Spring and the Greek protests.

Back in 1913 bankers in the U.S. convinced the government that they should manage the money and the government have a minor role and if the politicians wanted, they could manipulate the taxing system and finance the deficit.

As always the politicians loved being in league with the bankers because they saw the ignorance of citizens and the advantage of connections where their decisions influenced where the wealth flowed for politically driven activities.

The three rules for political success in this kind of atmosphere are: money, money and money.

A free economy is not free when a select group of the wealthiest people set the rules so the "house" always wins and they get filthy rich.

Deep within the board rooms of the industrialized world there are cliques of people that plan together to build wealth and power for themselves and their families.

Under a rule of law as government is expected to establish, there are supposed to be ways to keep the wealthy people from taking undue advantage of those they depend on for labor and consumerism.

The Constitution proposes a moral code whereby the people control the government by electing those who establish the laws of America yet by capitalizing on the general ignorance; the wealthy can slip politicians into office that they trust and weaken the system so they have an unfair advantage.

If one is to follow the developing leadership within the Occupy movement, one can find out that they want fairness restored into the government and the influence of the wealthy restricted from politics.

A side benefit from massive protests is that the voters may wake up and try to learn new information about things like the monetary system and look beyond their coveted set of political views to see where we have strayed from a government of fairness.

The Occupy people are crying that they do not want the red or the blue teams running politics because both Democrats and Republicans have abused the system. Going back through the past century, history shows us that the financial houses took the fractional reserve banking system beyond its ability to sustain the economy and it has happened a dozen times, most often when securities were closely linked to borrowing and savings.

Years ago during the Great Depression the casino of stocks and bonds went broke and the banks had no way of insuring the holdings of their clients. The same people that like to play with great sums of money also happen to like playing with politics.

The people were so beaten down by loss of income that they started to listen to politicians who demanded that the U.S. banks be broken down and the stock market placed under control. When everything collapsed and Franklin Roosevelt was elected President, a new set of laws were placed on trading and finance. Meanwhile banks were making themselves available to weapons manufacturers and despots for another great war over control of the world.

From the time of Roosevelt to 2007, banks constantly imposed upon politicians to release them from Roosevelt's rules. A major deregulation occurred under Jimmy Carter, again under Bill Clinton and in every succeeding administration, bankers found new ways to abuse the economy and the argument became that the free market knows best so let it run full force. This was the greedy side of monetary theory because human nature trumps prudence here at home and up there in the skyscrapers of Manhattan.

Alan Greenspan and his friends allowed financial institutions to get far too big and far too corrupt under deregulation. May I add that the boom helped President George W. Bush pay for his war.

Now, the people who are wanting to reestablish the economy want to do it the Federal Reserve way and create huge sums of capital on loans through computerized transfers and keep the bankers solvent and watch to see if politicians and their close friends will lean left or right. Finger pointing and accusations do not solve problems. Neither side will budge and so the people must make their feelings known somehow!

Capitalism can be part of a free market system but the system cannot be allowed to run without oversight. How we are to get a new breed of politicians elected is the question.

There are two views of the Constitution as well, a strict or living document. We must look back to 1776 and we must look at history since that time and listen to scholars that can help us.

The old rugged Constitution still speaks today. If its principles are followed, the laws can be installed with it to give Americans a better and more secure life. Yet to claim that nothing but the Constitution is valid is foolishness; we have to step forward and let prudence and liberty guide the rule of law.

We have the right to amend the legislation of the past where former politicians gave greater rights to greedy rich people. We will have the right to amend legislation where politicians gave too much to unions and took opportunities from the unorganized workers.

We must demonstrate and discuss until sensible answers are brought before the public. We must learn from America's mistakes.

John C. Miller lives in Lehigh Acres.



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