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Reader says ‘Occupiers’ need support

November 29, 2011
Lehigh Acres Citizen

To The Editor:

It was great to see so many people write opinions to the local news media on the Occupy Movement. Most of them were positive, in contrast to the opinion of our sheriff and the presidential candidate Newt Gingrich.

Many wonder who the occupiers are.

They are your neighbors, coworkers, students, sons and daughters, grandparents and other family members. Many are employed, some have been laid off.

I met some who had been fired because their employer found out that they were particpating in the movement.

Most participants have varied reasons for being involved. Sure, corporate greed and corruption in government are prominent reasons, however most are protesting because of the state of the middle class, absence of jobs, healthcare, problems with Social Security, poverty and environmental issues.

The occupy movement is a movement of the people. It is not funded or supported as the Tea Party was by wealthy sponsors. The Tea Party wealthy sponsors were opportunists who took advantage of the economic situation for political gain. They influenced opinions by flooding the airways and newspapers with their opinions and were successful in taking over Congress.

They are now poised to take over the government. It doesn't matter to them who or what suffers as long as they get control.

The Occupy movement will perhaps impede their government takeover. However, occupiers must be aware of the opposition. I would encourage them to take their protest to government, get registered to vote, gather more support and compete at the ballot box.

Lewis Robinson

Fort Myers



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