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‘Tis the season to be extra attentive on the roads

December 3, 2011
By SHERIFF MIKE SCOTT , Lehigh Acres Citizen

We are frequently reminded that time flies throughout the year but the approach of the holidays typically marks the revelation for us that yet another year is waning quickly.

Much colder weather up north and mild temperatures here in our beloved Southwest Florida will also prompt signals that "tis the season" for yearend rituals like increased traffic on our roadways along with busier parking lots and stores as holiday shopping swings into full gear.

This is as good a time as any for me to ask that you remain extra attentive on the roadways as motor vehicle crashes continue to be a leading cause of property damage, injury, and death. Holiday Cheer often means higher numbers of people commuting to and from office and house parties so it is important to use alcohol responsibly and stay alert to the sad reality that some drivers will not drink responsibly.

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Sheriff Mike Scott

If you notice a vehicle on the road that is swerving, braking erratically, or displaying signs that the driver is not in normal control of the vehicle you should call 911.

Dispatchers will stay on the line with you and get description and location updates from you until a law enforcement officer can

intercept the concern.

It sounds clich but remember that red really does mean stop. Unfortunately, red light runners don't feel as though that law applies to them. We ticket many; however, I can't have a Deputy at every intersection around the clock and so regrettably, some of these impatient drivers get away with their dangerous deed. When your light turns green take an extra second to double check the intersection.

The rear-end collision continues to be the most frequent reason for impact.

Following too closely or even worse yet, taking your eyes off the road with distractions like texting can turn tragic in a split second.

Please don't text while driving and remember that no matter why it happensif you hit the vehicle in front of you the fault will almost always be assigned to you.

Beyond needless property damage and injury these preventable crashes can also mean big bucks when it comes to insurance increases.

Enjoy the spirit of shopping but stay aware of your surroundings. We will increase our patrols of the parking lots but you can also help us by keeping valuables out of plain sight by locking them in the trunk or glove box. Frustrating as it is for law enforcement, we continue to find that in a large percentage of vehicle burglaries, the vehicle was left


Mike Scott is sheriff of Lee County Ed.



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