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Letter: Voting GOP is morally wrong

December 21, 2011
Lehigh Acres Citizen

To The Editor:

The article by Rod McKelvie was very refreshing. I agree the GOP is at fault for more than 90 percent of our economic problems. Their failure to diagnose the problems and their consistent application of failed policies lead us to a downward spiral without a parachute. They were wrong on globalization, spending, taxation, education, deregulation and government policies. They had the wrong plan then and it is even worse now.

Now that wealth, technology and jobs have been sucked abroad they want to continue tax cuts for the rich and corporations so they can continue the process. They will not fund education and research so development of technology and small business growth will continue to be depressed. Rich corporations will grow more worldly and few jobs will be created at home.

Their attempt to disguise an economic downturn by accentuating an upturn in real estate was a disaster. The real estate boom evaporated like steam when all the effect of deregulation surfaced. Banks and realtors gave bad loans, developers overpriced homes, bad mortgages were made easy. They were then packaged into toxic assets. The value of your home was stolen, either outright or in a home equity line of credit. Toxic assets were then resold to ETF (exchange trade funds) in your retirement plan or to Fannie Mae or Freddy Mac. We, as tax payers, then bailed them out.

I really do not see how anyone could vote GOP come next election. It just seems immoral to do so. It certainly seems against good judgment to vote for your own destruction.

Lewis Robinson

Fort Myers



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