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Soon time to vote: The fox is in the henhouse

January 11, 2012
Lehigh Acres Citizen

To The Editor:

The Iowa Primary is over. New Hampshire is next and then comes Florida. Very soon the show will be on. One of the leading candidates spent 1.5 million on soft ads in Iowa. Restore Our Future spent 2.8 million on hard negative ads on his behalf.

Note that Restore Our Future is a super political action committee set up under the new Supreme Court rules (legalizing corporate personhood) which is run by former Romney aides. This will be a major problem in this election.

The GOP support corporate greed and corporate rule and make no attempt to hide it. They equate corporations to people. (Citizens United vs. FEC). The same party that calls for smaller government and less intervention, the same party that deregulated financial institutions, opposes consumer protection, caused the financial crisis and real estate collapse.

They oppose any environmental protection (clean air regulation, etc.). Their poor supervision and legislation allowed BP deep drilling errors to go undetected. They now want rushed approval of the Keystone XL pipeline without adequate study. The pipeline, as now proposed, would run through many environmentally sensitive areas such as the Ogallala aquifer and would risk contamination of drinking water to several states.

There have already been two recent oil leaks from oil pipelines (Michigan and Montana) carrying shale produced oil. Reports that oil sand oil is more corrosive.

They say they favor job creation as the reason, well if they favor jobs then pass the American Jobs Act and put Americans to work. When studies are complete the President should call their bluff, and also request that big oil help with the cost.

So, they plan to buy the election with corporate and rich contributor support. Keep talking taking back the country and eliminating deficits to the electorate. Eliminate all entitlement, destroy the environment, delay consumer protection, clean energy production, education improvements, and health care improvement. They say let them take care of themselves, while the fat cats get rich and do little.

Beware voter, the fox is in the henhouse!

Lewis Robinson

Fort Myers



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