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HB543 has some good reasoning in it, reader says

February 1, 2012
Lehigh Acres Citizen

To The Editor:

Florida House Bill 543 is being discussed by our legislators. HB543, I believe, is intended to ultimately bring school children's parents into the fold regarding the education of their kids.

On its surface HB543 apparently allows for educators to issue a report-card type summary of the involvement of the parents in their child's educational process: the teachers will have the ability to, in a written summary, "grade' the parents. I say, "Hooray" for all those that advocate the enactment of this legislation.

Everyone knows that parents, for the very most part, have absented themselves from most of the responsibility of their child's education and social behaviors. For decades teachers, and the public at large, have been relegated with the duty and obligation of raising their kids for them. No one, until now, has had the guts or the commitment to take on these brain-dead, dead-beat parents.

Over these past decades the product of all this, at a very minimum, has been the lack of success in educating our kids and in controlling the kids in most any of their actions.

Detractors to HB543 say it will "split those involved in education", horse-puckey. These folks, in my opinion, are the traditional social engineers who have their heads where the sun doesn't shine. It is true that HB543 is not perfect but it is a start.

The advantages to HB543, in part, include: a) Parents will be put on notice that they have responsibilities regarding the raising of their children; b) Teachers will (or should, at least) start to experience a sense of power over how they do the jobs they were trained to do; c) A written record, while not being perfect, will be had for use in the future to illustrate one of the major needs for change in educating our kids, and d) Legislators and the public will be more accessible in the future when teachers approach us to assist them in doing their jobs; they have documentation and not just innuendo.

I applaud all the people who advocate HB543, especially the educators. It is time they stand up for themselves and be allowed the luxury of defending themselves.

My writings over the years has not been favorable to all those who have failed to educate our kids. Just imagine, with things like HB543 being implemented all those folks I have fired at over the years might eventually just be able to legitimately shut me up.

Keith Kaye

Lehigh Acres



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