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We need to take charge

April 2, 2012
Lehigh Acres Citizen

To the Editor:

I firmly believe that health care should be a right, not a privilege. Human suffering and loss of our most precious resource in this age of advanced technology in the richest country in the world is a disgrace. We pride ourselves as a Nation of free, caring, loving, and social responsive people. Yet we have a health care system where 20 percent of people get excess health care to the point of concierge care, 50 percent get about what is needed (or what they think they need), 10 percent get at least something, and 20 percent get nothing (unless they show up sick at the doorstep).

There is significant abuse, misuse, and downright fraud. We need a system which guarantees access to quality care where an informed patient can meet with an engaged, informed, honest provider who wants to treat the patient and not his pocketbook.

I agree with the points made by Rob McKelvie and Thomas Spencer. The Heritage Foundation suggests an individual mandate. There is proof that it works. The Republicans first supported it, then they didn't. The needs of people are just political, they are not real.

If the ACA is not passed by the Supreme Court we should demand a single payer system. However, I wonder if people have the will or could it be they are lazy? I know they are not satisfied. They must realize that Congress doesn't care, the state or local government doesn't care.

The insurers treat them like a liability, their employers certainly feel they are a liability, therefore take it to the executive level.

I wonder what will awaken this sleeping giant of a nation.

Occupy and Move to Amend couldn't get them to act. I am sure they realize we have lost our vote to corporations and the rich. Our air, water, and environment is being polluted and ravaged to support them, yet we say little.

Well people, we don't deserve this. People need to stand up and take charge! Demand a government of" for and by the people".

Lewis Robinson, MD

Fort Myers



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