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Leeland Lake sink should be bought by the county’s 20/20 program

April 15, 2012
Lehigh Acres Citizen

To The Editor:

I have written the following letter to the Lee County Commissioners in regard to the 20/20

Conservancy Preservation of Leeland Lake in Lehigh Acres.

"Dear Honorable Board of Lee County Commissioners:

"On behalf of many residents of our Community, I sincerely hope you will seriously consider finding a way to fund the purchase of the 19.95 Acre property that contains Leeland Lake and the beautiful Oak Hammock Park that impacts our local environment. This lake is of historic value to the county, state and nation, which can and will impact education, tourism, economic development and tax revenue dollars. Lehigh Acres has never been given any money from 20/20 and you have letters of past and current support to purchase this property from the following:

"Anthony Morris, ENTRIX staff hydro geologist, who has a concern with ground water supply (water table) and protection from surface water contamination.

"Steven H. Koski, Archeologist/Board Member Warm Mineral Springs/Little Salt Spring Archaeological Society, Research Associate/Site Manger Rosenstiel School of Marine and Atmospheric Science University of Miami.

"Annette L. Snapp, PhD, RPA, President Southwest Florida Archeological Society

"Toni Ferrell, LEED AP, and Lee County Division of Natural Resources

"Theresa Schober, Vice Chair, Historic Preservation Board, Lee County Historic Preservation Board

"Robert J. Austin, PhD, President Florida Anthropological Society

"Kenneth J. O'Leary, Manger, Flint's Pavilion LLC, owner of the property

"Jessica Stubbs, Natural Resources Specialist

"P.N. Blackhouse, PhD,RPA, Deputy Tribal Historic Preservation Officer with the Seminole Tribe of Florida.

"Steve Archer, Director Southwest Regional Center, Florida Public Archaeology Network

"Gloria M. Sajgo, AICP Principal Planner, Matt Noble, AICP Principal Planner, Kathie Ebaugh, AICP Principal Planner. William H. Marquadt, PhD, Curator in Archaeology and Director of Randell Research Center with the University of Florida.

"Lynda Thompson, Conservation 20/20 Program Coordinator

"Karen J. Walker, University of Florida with list of others from all over the Nation; Dr.Eric Grimm of the Illinois State Museum, Dr. Lee Kump of the Pennsylvania State University, Dr. Lee Newsom, also of PSU, Dr. Tim White of PSU,and Dr.Russ Graham of PSU along with their impressive credentials.

"Conservation Land Acquisition and Stewardship Advisory Committee (CLASAC) Bill Burdette, Carie Call, Kim Fikoski, JoAnne Fowler, Cullum Hasty, Mitch Hutchcraft, Christy Knight, Alex LePera, Wiley Parker, Chico Rivera, George Wheaton, Kirk Beck, John Cassani, Bill Hammond, Renee' Armstrong, Karen Bickford, Greg Hagan, Karen Maguire, Cathy Olson, Tony Pellicer and Lynda Thompson July 8, 2010.

"Environmental Sciences Research potential, including its geological rarity, access to climate data, fossils and paleoenvironmental and eco-archaeological resources of the sink hole (Leeland Lake), and exploration that has occurred by: David Ulloa Valbo Farms, Bill Marquardt Randall Research Center, Karen Walker Florida Museum of Natural History/University of Florida, Dr. Annette Snap FGCU, Teresa Sheppard, Manger of Mound House property, Charlie Strader, past president Southwest Florida Archeological Society, Dan DiNicola Conservancy of Southwest Florida, and Andy McThenia President Everglades Geological Society all spoke of the importance of preserving this parcel.

"Please see July 2,2010 Conservation Lands Acquisition and Stewardship Advisory Committee with a host of other CLASAC Members, County Staff, and other interested parties a list too long for me to retype.

"Please don't deny the purchase of this important historic property to the citizens of Lehigh Acres, Lee County, State of Florida and our Nation."

Ruth A. Anglickis

50-year resident of Lehigh Acres

Member: Greater Lehigh Acres Chamber of Commerce, Community Council of Lehigh Acres, Lehigh Acres Economic Development Board, Member of One Voice Community Action Forums representing 18 circles of influence, represented by the above organizations.



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