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Reader hits GOP Conservative Coalition

April 30, 2012
Lehigh Acres Citizen

To the Editor:

This is where the Republican Conservative Coalition has taken Americans. The greatest detriment to everyday Americans is their loss of freedom, economic power and right to appeal and be heard.

- The Supreme Court and Federal Court are ineffective bodies packed with conservatives who couldn't make a legal decision not encumbered by their ideology that will serve Americans, i.e. Citizens United vs FEC, ACA, Immigration etc.

- Economic disasters - Katrina (aftermath and poor preparation), BP oil spill-poor supervision and regulation enforcement, "small government"? flooding in the NE, poor response post Irene etc.

- Recession- started their run with a 5.6 billion dollar surplus.

1) Economic downturn in 2001 after election.

2) Major recession began December 2007, ending in June 2009, Economy loss 8.8 million jobs. Worst contracture in middle class wealth in history - 30 percent of American wealth belongs to 1 percent of its people.

- Financial crisis-major banks, financial institutions, insurance companies see failure.

- Major industrial failure or outsourced jobs.

- Real estate crisis- major foreclosures and loss of home value. Banks, realty companies, agents, etc. took advantage of citizens because of lack of supervision, created and sold toxic assets.

- Health care crisis- more than 50 million without health care and crisis worsening - no help from them. Medicare and Medicaid are in peril.

- Two wars and the war on terrorism (at least one was illegal) started by neo-conservatism (authoritarian) to gain power.

War on terror poorly planned and underfunded.

- Unfair tax cuts for rich and corporate America. First day of administration started tax cuts, continued despite recession worsening.

- Open attack on citizens- women's rights, gay and homosexuals, immigrants, minorities and poor.

- Foreign policy-American image in the world is that of a colonizer, bully and abuser of power, war mongers, demagogues ( wide spread.)

- Destroying the environment- water, air pollution etc. to make corporate profits.

- At least five major treaties or protocols abandoned or undermined, i.e. Koyota, nuclear nonproliferation, biological weapons convention. international criminal court conference of illicit trade in small arms and light weapons.

- Geneva Convention disregarded. Illegal interrogation and detention of war prisoners, use of radiation waste in armor piercing ammunition.

We must love it, because we don't object to it.

Lewis Robinson, M.D.

Fort Myers



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