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On Obama’s announcement: Love people, not marriage

May 14, 2012
Lehigh Acres Citizen

To the Editor:

President Obama is a man of character and honor (working in a den of thieves). He is also a Nobel Prize winner. These we know and perhaps take for granted. We fail to see his strength and appreciate his endeavor to help humanity, to seek justice and build consensus.

His decision to support gay marriage was a decision of presidential proportion, one I hope will build consensus in this nation. Personally I hated the decision (on a religious basis) however when I reconsidered it, as the President, I hope that I would have had the strength to make the same decision. We need to bring this country together, not divide it.

As I step back and examine this traditional marriage thing, I ask "What are we fighting to preserve?" Is it the tradition or the marriage. The institution of marriage is a failure.

It doesn't build individuals, families, villages, or nations. It serves as an instrument of thrills and fantasies. Often marriage is destructive. It doesn't matter if the participants are the same or opposite sex.

We are preoccupied with sex. Using marriage as an instrument of legalization of sex only cheapens and degrades marriage.

Marriage should bring warmth, devotion, love and greatness to a relationship which fulfills life.

Perhaps those who hate the decision of the President can also reflect and make some adjustment and love people and not a failed institution. Even those with defiance because of religious beliefs should question themselves. Do they hate gays and lesbians or is it sex and marriage they hate? Perhaps they can learn to love people.

Lewis Robinson

Fort Myers



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