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We need to increase debt ceiling

June 13, 2012
Lehigh Acres Citizen

To the Editor:

The opinion of a letter writer caught my eye, or more exact, caught my nose. He gave an analogy between raising the debt ceiling and a sewer back up in your house. I agree both are bad but one is more tolerable than the other.

The party not in power always criticizes debt. Very often (as in now) the party not in power is the one who created the debt. The party not in power opposes raising the debt ceiling when they are adding to the debt with tax gifts to the wealthy.

They caused the major debt with two unfunded wars, major defense spending, 10 years of tax cuts and Medicare Part D all unfunded. When they were spending they said deficits don't matter.

Last year, major flooding in the northeast over stressed sewers and storm drainage in major cities. The party not in power would not approve spending on infrastructure upgrades and repairs, would not spend on bridges and utilities. They favor tax cuts for the wealthy. We have done this for 10 years with no job creation by them. I think this stinks.

The party not in power opposes raising the debt ceiling. They plan to cut human resources, increase defense spending and continue tax cuts. This will result ultimately in an increase in interest rates with no guaranteed decrease in the deficit. However there will be guaranteed outcome. Further shift in wealth to the wealthy with increased interest rates and added pain and suffering to the middle class, elderly, and disadvantaged. This stinks.

We should raise the debt ceiling, stop spending on tax cuts. Spend on job creation, repairing infrastructure, and solve America's problems. Let all share in the wealth and the pain. Then as we pay off the debt we can celebrate our accomplishment with pride.

Lewis Robinson

Fort Myers



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