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Obama chooses community over corporations

September 26, 2012
Lehigh Acres Citizen

To the editor:

Lehigh's founding fathers are well-respected. (People such as my father purchased a lot here in 1963 and then built on that lot in 1970.) But this same group of founding fathers also is responsible for turning over all the Lehigh roads, which they plotted to sell lots, to the county DOT for maintenance. So you see government is involved at all levels, accept it or not.

This past week Mitt Romney revealed his disdain about 47 percent of Americans just because they may not have paid federal income taxes. What Romney failed to mention is that 30 percent or even fewer of corporations pay ANY federal taxes. These same corporations establish overseas mailing addresses such as P.O. boxes in the Cayman Islands or tax shelters in Bermuda where they just register the corporate name. For them, though, Romney has no disdain.

Most people in Lehigh Acres fall into the 47 percent group, so they should not be electing a president who does nothing to improve their prospects. Corporate power is an enemy of the 47 percent.

Just think of replacing Medicare with a voucher system. When the vouchers run out, who will pay more? Our senior citizens need to take note of this issue which will affect their children and grandchildren.

Yes, President Obama has added to the deficit. First thing he did was straighten out the books, by including our two multi-trillion-dollar wars-once accounted for separately by George W. Bush-into the total, finally revealing our true debt early in his term. The two wars both were sold to the people as keeping America safe-but not keeping safe the 6,500 Americans killed, and many thousands wounded, in action.

Yet we also have a do-nothing U.S. House that will not adequately fund rehabilitation for veterans when they come home.

I hope all the present misinformation tactics being used now in the campaign, along with the next month's media, will generate not fear but determination for the people to support the candidate who has everyone's best interests at heart-President Obama-rather than the contender focused only on the interests of his own peers. Informed voters will lead to a record turnout even though many voices have been suppressed in Florida.

Your vote, your voice. Vote for hope. See you all at the polls.

Joan Patterson

Lehigh Acres



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