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Public employee outsourcing

October 17, 2012
Lehigh Acres Citizen

To the editor:

We feel government should be in the business of limited, lawful services to its taxpayers. We do not feel government should be in the employment business. We feel every non-elected individual currently "employed" by government should be outsourced to the private sector. We have developed a private contractor business plan that will resolve this issue.

We plan to remove the onus of public employee costs on the government to our private contracting business. We know we can better serve the taxpayers by giving them excellent services while limiting expenses and eliminating government bureaucracy. Instead of these public employees working for the government they would be our employees through our plan for outsourcing.

The reasons behind our business plan are too voluminous to cover at this time. Do not be deceived, there are outsourcing plans in operation right now that are not taxpayer friendly but such is not the case with our plan. Our contracts will be the key to the intent of our motives and degree of our integrity.

For now, we can foundationally state with confidence that if our plan is implemented two things will occur: The size and costs associated with public employees will diminish, and taxes will either be eliminated or drastically reduced.

I know how this sounds. I know ahead of time what the magpie-cronies of the system are going to say but all we ask is for the opportunity to explain our proposals and then let the taxpayers decide if we have honest and lawful solutions to this problem.

What does the taxpayer have to lose by demanding from our elected officials that they at least listen to our proposals? You are going to be pleasantly surprised from what you learn. We have already made a short presentation to the leaders in Cape Coral and are currently awaiting the opportunity to further present our plan to them and the public.

Keith Kaye

Lehigh Acres



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