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Outsourcing has horrible negative effect

October 31, 2012
Lehigh Acres Citizen

To the editor:

The person who recommended wholesale outsourcing of government obviously has never considered the tremendous negative effect such an action would take on the economy as a whole.

Chipping away at peoples' economic security, by privatizing government functions and paying workers less money and fewer benefits, in the end is a race to the bottom for all of us - except for the fat cat who won the big government contract to privatize the services.

Replacing good jobs with bad ones is not the answer - we are simply left with a poorer middle class, deeply hurting the customer base for businesses in the local economy. This ultimately could force many local businesses to fail. Churches also would fail. We all depend on the circulation of money to support our businesses - no one is immune to the downside of this ill-conceived suggestion.

"Outsourcing" and "privatizing" and "downsizing" are all dirty words that have contributed greatly to making our so-called recession deeper. In the case of outsourcing government services, the public loses the benefit of the expertise of loyal civil servants. Plus for "we the people," there's a total loss of accountability regarding just how things are done - we don't get to run the show or inspect the books of private businesses.

I can only conclude this is a thoughtless proposition, considering how outsourcing has hurt the middle class in so many ways. In the final stages of retirement, it could hurt most of all, leaving more and more Americans with fewer and fewer resources as they grow old.

If we want good, accountable government, we have to pay for it. Do we want the best workers - or the cheapest ones - catching the crooks, fighting the fires, building our roads, inspecting our bridges and foods, and tending our parks and prisons?

Joan Patterson

Lehigh Acres



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