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Approves purchase of Lehigh Lake, but for Lehigh

December 12, 2012
Lehigh Acres Citizen

To the editor:

Lehigh Acres, as a non-entity, again will suffer. Why? Because voters turned down the chance to become our own city/town. With a population nearly 90,000 we certainly qualify. Maybe the huge sign stating Your Taxes Will Go Up convinced many residents. Do you know who put that sign up?

The Lehigh Acres Citizen on Nov. 21, 2012 on page 1 headlined the purchase of Lehigh Lake will be considered. This also includes Old Florida Spring, Old Florida Oak areas. Valuable land will belong to Lee County, not to us.

The 20/20 groups voted against the acquisition of Lehigh land. However, out land will ultimately be decided by the county commissioners.

Do you realize the value of this property as tremendous historical, archaeological, and biological, including many other scientific discoveries, as priceless. A lake that is now owned by Lehigh Acres? Or is it?

Ruth Ann Anglickis who was interviewed by Mel Toadvine, the Citizen editor, is vice president or Landex Resorts International Inc.

Of course, in this article she would applaud our former and current commissioners for their consideration of its purchase for Lee County. Anyone see any self-serving plans for others?

Think about why we should have control of any decisions. There are so many benefits, not only for all mankind, but for its hidden secrets that would be sought by qualified professionals - and remain safe, as it has for countless centuries.

We must speak out a resounding no. Lehigh Acres has been passed over too many times to allow yet another one. for more information, get a copy of The Lehigh Acres Citizen in case you have not read this article or go online to:

Shirley Stevens

Lehigh Acres



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