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LCSO honors students at monthly awards ceremony

December 26, 2012
Lehigh Acres Citizen

Humanitarian concern, honesty, integrity, positive decision making and heroism were recognized Dec. 13 at the Lee County Sheriff's Office's "Do The Right Thing" awards ceremony.

Each month throughout the school year, the LCSO will honor the positive actions of students through the program. The goal of "Do The Right Thing" is to reinforce positive behavior among youths and to establish students as role models for their peers.

"Do The Right Thing" partners law enforcement, government, the business and educational community together in an effort to make a lasting positive impact on our community's young adults.

The following local students were recognized:

- Cornelius Johnson, of Lehigh Acres, is a seventh-grader at James Stephens International Academy.

James Stephens International Academy science teacher Amanda Linneweber wrote, "Cornelius is a respectful young man who is focused on his education and is constantly striving to make good decisions. He assists me in my end of the day room clean-up by stacking the chairs without being asked, as well as helping to keep our classroom textbook area organized. I expect great things from Cornelius both this year and in his future."

- Robert Queen, of Lehigh Acres, is a seventh-grader at Alva Middle School.

Alva Middle School reading teacher Jane McElree wrote, "Robbie displayed a great degree of awareness and concern. It happened when he helped an elementary school student off the bus and showed him the restroom in the middle school. Robbie waited for him by standing outside the restroom and then escorted him back to the bus. Robbie helped that student who was totally unfamiliar with the middle school, as it was not his school. When he was made aware of a need he took action and helped in that situation."

- Dylan Kennelly, of Fort Myers, is an eighth-grader at Alva Middle School.

Alva Middle School assistant principal Peggy Slichter wrote, "In a recent class, Dylan raised his hand and shared with his fellow students his response from a writing assignment. What he had written about was not an easy topic, such as 'What I did on my summer vacation' or 'What I want Santa Claus to bring me.' Dylan wrote a heartfelt response about his aunt who had passed away from cancer. The profound sharing that day touched all in that classroom and reflected his caring and compassionate side. Death can be a tough subject to talk about and handle. In making a choice to engage his class in that sharing, he 'did the right thing' on a very deep level."

- Beatriz De Jesus De Pedro, of Lehigh Acres, is an eighth-grader at Lehigh Acres Middle School.

Lehigh Acres Middle School school resource Officer Deputy Jevon Matthews wrote, "Beatriz located an i-Pod and Blackberry cellular telephone in the girl's restroom at school. Rather than keep these items for herself she immediately took them to a school administrator. I, as school resource officer, was able to locate the owner of these electronic devices and return them the same day. Beatriz displayed honesty and integrity traits which we try to instill in the students everyday. For that Beatriz deserves to be recognized for doing the right thing."

- Michael Torres, of Lehigh Acres, is a sixth-grader at Harns Marsh Middle School.

Harns Marsh Middle School school resource officer Deputy Tricia Aponte wrote, "Michael found an expensive cellular telephone under his table, while eating his lunch at school. Michael immediately brought the telephone to me, as his school resource officer, and also to assistant principal Jill Johnson. Michael was concerned that it be returned to its rightful owner. This was an honorable act by Michael and proof of his trustworthy character. I am proud to walk the hallways alongside a student like him."

- Carlos Claro, of Lehigh Acres, is an eighth-grader at Oak Hammock Middle School.

Oak Hammock Middle School staff member Alexandra Lopez wrote, "Carlos assisted in translating for a brand new student. He took his time to make sure the student fully understood her AVID Binder and her classroom schedule. He took her for a tour, while explaining how to get her lunch and how to get to her bus in the afternoon. He went above and beyond to make this new student feel comfortable."

- Leah Rodriguez, of Lehigh Acres, is a 10th-grader at Dunbar High School.

- Brianna Rodriguez, of Lehigh Acres, is a 10th-grader at Dunbar High School.

- Gabbie Sanchez, of Fort Myers, is a 10th-grader at Dunbar High School.

- Johneisha Gadson, of Lehigh Acres, is a 10th-grader at Dunbar High School.

Dunbar High school school resource Officer Cpl. Garfield Young wrote, "Leah, Brianna, Gabbie and Johneisha became aware of a situation that troubled them. Together, they took the initiative spearhead a card signing campaign on behalf of the special needs class. They did this, because they did not like the way the class was treated by other students during Homecoming Week. Your actions reflect caring thoughtful hearts and concern for others."



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